Monday, March 9, 2015

Proun+ - App Review

Proun+ for Apple iOS is an addictive replay game, centered on driving a pixel ball, hard and fast, through a kaleidoscopic, twisty-turny sorta race track. This one is as wildly fun to look at as it is to play, and sure to be a hit with pixel racing fans of all ages.

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Proun+ presents in landscape mode and is here to let everyone know that pixel games don’t necessarily have to look all choppy and blocky, nor does every replay game need to play terribly. Proun+ is here to buck the system and let you know that some pixel replay games not only look good, but play damn well too. This, my friends, is what quality replay gaming looks like. So, as the story goes, there’s a pixel ball, riding through a windy track that’s suspended in time and space. Your mission, is to ride that dang track for 3 entire laps and score your best possible time. Your prize for winning: bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing you’re a bad ass pixel replay gamer.

The cool thing about this replay game, is that it’s time based, so when you invariably mess up and crash, your squashed ball just respawns and you keep going, cuz quitters never win and winners never quit. Get it? Got it? Good. Now get playin’, and win some pixels.

The controls use your gizmo’s tilt function to make the madness happen, and they’re highly nuanced, allowing for accuracy in play. The graphics look like a kaleidoscope puked all over my screen, and then it sprouted little jaggies and twisty-turny curly-q’s, probably from Whoville no less.  I truly loved how the scene seemed to undulate and come to life with geometric shapes and blobs of who knows what. Point is, it all looks damn cool. The animation certainly has a lot to render here, and guess what? It does an outstanding job of it, rendering everything smooth and clean, with lively animations that draw you into the action. My only quibble here are the sounds, which feature a horrifyingly cheesy score that grates on the nerves, right quick.  But hey, nothing’s perfect.

Proun+ is a super cool, super fun, supercalifragilistically good time for all to enjoy, regardless of age or skill level. Play, enjoy, replay and repeat.  



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