Monday, March 16, 2015

Pro Feel Golf - App Review

Pro Feel Golf app for Apple iOS offers 3D graphics with outstanding physics and details. Play 18 holes of virtual golf that goes for realism, or just brush up on your stroke. This one offers quality play with visuals and physics to match, and is not to be missed by golfing fans. (continued)

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Pro Feel Golf app presents in portrait mode to deliver a fully realized golfing environment. This is one of the best golfing games I’ve played and is a must-see for any fan of the sport or gaming aficionado. The app guides you through the basics with an expert presentation that explains how things work and gives you the lay of the land. Once you feel confident, just start a game and get straight to the fun.

The best part of this game, aside from the quality visuals, are the quality mechanics of play. To tee off and take your first swing, just select a club from your virtual caddy’s bag, which is basically a single screen readout with statistical data. From there, you’ll see a graphic of your golfer’s avatar standing on the fairway. Place your finger onscreen to bring up the trajectory control, which is essentially a movable bulls eye that you can slide and move around the screen; just slide and move to place your target on the hole you’re aiming for, then release to open up the swing control. From there, you’ll see a circular target that expands and contracts once before disappearing. Your objective, is to tap the expanding target at just the right moment to execute a power shot. You only have one chance at hitting the target, and if you miss, you’ll have to start the process all over again.

The graphics are outstanding, featuring a fully realized, 3D gaming environment, with excellent perspectives, multiple viewing angles and rich details that go for realism. There’s a lot of nice details to appreciate here, and it only adds to the quality of play. The animation is equally sophisticated, featuring seamless movement, realistic mechanics and top notch physics. The sounds go for realism, with gentle nature ambiance that’s soothing and draws you into the play.

Pro Feel Golf app for Apple iOS is a quality golf game, through and through. I’m not a golfer in real life, but I loved this game so much, I almost want to take up the sport.  This is truly one of the best golfing games I’ve tried and is sure to entertain for a good while. There's a lot to see and enjoy here.



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