Monday, March 16, 2015

Poptile - App Review

Poptile for Apple iOS is a simple but addictive puzzle game of matching tiles. Prevent a vertically growing tower of colored tiles from reaching the top of your screen. This one requires patience and logic to conquer and is a fun time killer for occasional play. (continued)

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Poptile presents in portrait mode to reveal colorful hues of magenta, glowing blues and deep purples. Similar to Tetris, tiles fall from the top of the screen, stacking up on the lower portion of your screen to create a vertically growing tower of differently colored pieces. Your mission, is to prevent that tower from reaching the top, or it's game over. To do that, just tap similarly colored tiles of 3 or more to make them burst out of the stack and disappear. There's also three saves on the side of the screen; stop, minus 3 and a targeting option. Minus 3 removes 3 entire rows of tiles, stop prevents the stack from growing taller for a limited amount of time, and targeting will take out any cluster of tiles you wish. Each of the 3 saves must be used sparingly, because they are only available for a limited time. So just keep poking similarly colored tiles of 3 or more to keep the game going for as long as you can. The play requires strategy, patience and logic to master.
The controls use screen taps and touches to make your matches, and all functioned well. The graphics feature brightly colored tiles that ooze with saturation and are pleasing to look at. The animation has some nominal effects to render, but they suited the game nicely and added to the enjoyment of play. The sounds offer minimal punctuation that also suited this cerebral game.

Poptile isn't one that you'll play for hours on end, but it's a fun time killer for those occasional moments of boredom. This is a replay game at heart and will make you think while it entertains.



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