Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Patchmania - A Puzzle About Bunny Revenge! - App Review

Patchmania app for Apple iOS and Android is so cute it probably causes cavities. Help a hoppy bunny and his pals raid the farmer’s vegetable crops and munch all the yummy goodness until their cute little bellies are full. This one is sure to entertain puzzle fans to no end, along with anyone who appreciates cute and fluffy animals, and if that ain’t you, then I humbly suggest you loosen up and little, cuz there just might be something wrong with you.  (continued)

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Patchmania presents in portrait mode to reveal an outdoorsy sorta puzzle game that takes place in a lush garden. Your objective, is to figure out how to make the little bunny hop from one carrot to the next, munching cutely as he goes, and get him to eat up all the yummy goodies before safely leaping into his bunny hole. The play is deceptively simple in look, but will certainly tweak your noodle.  The tricky part, is getting the bunny to much all the carrots without ever crossing his own path or retracing his hops. To do that, just draw a line from the bunny, through all the carrots, coming to a stop at the bunny hole. And you can’t miss a single carrot, lest this cutie little bunny make a sad face that’s sure to tug the heartstrings of even the coldest gamers.

The controls use a lone digit to deliver the goods; just slide and draw your lines then tap the screen to see of you got it right. The graphics are about as cuddly as a soft ‘n’ squishy plush toy, with vibrant colors that draw you into the play. The animation is rather simple, but oh so cute and adorable. There isn’t much to render here, but somehow, the game manages to feel lively and energetic just the same.  The sounds feature lighthearted tunes that inspire happy thoughts and warm fuzzies in the pit of your belly, if not for that pesky ol’ farmer who wants none of this fluffy goodness.

Patchmania is as fun to play as it is cute to watch. This one is ideal for puzzle fans of all ages and sure to entertain clear through to the end. The play ups the ante as you go along with added fluffy friends, each with their favorite crunchy-munchy food to enjoy, fresh off the farmer's lush garden. Enjoy!

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