Thursday, March 26, 2015

Particle Mace - App Review

Particle Mace app for Apple iOS is an interesting retro throwback sorta game that reminds me a lot of the arcade classic, Asteroids. Fly your space craft through a debris field of blobs and jaggies and try to clear the screen before they make you go splat. This one is simple and addictive. (continued)

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Particle Mace presents in portrait mode to deliver a space flying game. Your objective, is to fly your craft through a debris field, clearing it of all the blobs and jaggies without going splat. Trailing behind your craft are long flowing tentacles that you can use as a whip to make the blobs and jaggies burst and disappear. To do that, you’ll have to make hairpin turns that fling those tentacles at your targets. The tricky part is getting those tentacles to take out your desired target, yet still maintain control over your craft. The play is kinda akin to doing burnouts, skids and doughnuts in a parking lot with your parent’s car. Just keep driving that craft like a madman, flinging those tentacles and whipping them about to hit anything that moves, all without getting into a dumb accident that’ll cost you a few month’s allowance to cover the added insurance premiums.
The controls use a virtual d-pad below the playing field; just place your finger on it to move your craft. All functioned nicely and the game possesses quality physics with a nice illusion of gravity and movement. The graphics and animation are heavy on the pixels by design, but there’s still plenty of detail to enjoy. This one looks a lot like an arcade classic that I’d play for hours and pump roll after roll of quarters into. The sounds are sparse, offering minimal punctuation to the play.

Particle Mace app for Apple iOS is good fun in short bursts. The retro feel certainly takes me back. I found this one to be entertaining and enjoyable in short bursts, for those occasional moments when you have some time to kill.



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