Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids - App Review

Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids for Apple iOS is a sweet bedtime activity for little kids, featuring an array of circus animals, getting all snuggly and cuddly, as they ready for bed. Tap and poke the animals to see what they do, then get ready to drift off with some sweet dreams. (continued)

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Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids presents in landscape mode to reveal a wooded community of circus animals, all nestled gently in their respective sleeping quarters. Your objective, is to visit each animal and see what they're up to as they get ready to go to sleep. There's a cuddly bear, a cute elephant, a sleepy snake and a handful of other friendly critters. Just tap and poke each one to see how they react. The responses are sweet, comical and low-key, so as not to excite too much and hopefully inspire sleepy thoughts. The presentation is of nice quality and sets the right mood.

The controls use basic touch functions to spur reactions from our various animals, and all functioned as expected. The graphics have a quality 3D sort of look to them that's pleasing to the eye, featuring some vibrant colors, all within night time hues. The animation is entertaining without being too lively. The sounds offer basic punctuation with minimal spoken words and effects, so as to invite lulled thoughts and quiet moods

Nighty Night Circus - Bedtime story for kids doesn't do much, but if it helps your little one's sleep soundly, then it's worth every penny. This is a quality presentation, through and through.



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