Monday, March 30, 2015

NBA Rush - App Review

NBA Rush app for Apple iOS is a silly Temple Run clone, starring your favorite NBA heroes as brave alien hunters. Outrun little green men hot on your tail and try to slam dunk the UFOs before you’re captured. This is one of the more comical apocalyptic runners I’ve seen and has lots of potential, if only the animation weren’t so slow and plodding.  (continued)

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NBA Rush presents in portrait mode to reveal a tried and true runner game. In this one, it appears earth has been overrun with UFOs and little green men. The roadways of this once budding metropolis are now littered with flaming vehicles, stalled busses and an array of obstacles to leap, dodge and slide under. The play is fairly standard, but the plot and visuals are where the originality comes in with this one. The best part of this one, is watching the basketball players dribble that dang ball no matter what these meanie aliens toss at them. Dribble as you slide, dribble between your legs just to show off, and yup, slam dunk some UFOs just for good measure. The play is innovative with all that it throws at you and the goofy premise certainly kept me interested and entertained.

The controls use swipes and slides typical to a game like this; swipe left and right to dodge obstacles, and swipe up or down to jump or slide. The graphics aim for Saturday morning cartoon territory and are hugely entertaining. There’s lots of goofy stuff to look at and enjoy. The animation is the game’s weakest element. Yup, it does have some cool visuals and decent renders, however, the game as a whole feels rather slow and plodding. This one simply did nothing to quench my need for speed and felt more like lollygagging through the park. The sounds are lively and energetic without stealing focus or grating on the nerves.

NBA Rush app for Apple iOS isn’t perfect, but the play is rather innovative for a retread, and there’s some genuine entertainment value here. All they gotta do is feed these cartoonish NBA players some go-go juice and suddenly we’ll have an action game worth playing.



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