Thursday, March 12, 2015

Moto Joe - App Review

Moto Joe app for Apple iOS and Android is a conundrum of a little game. I like how it plays, but hate the overly aggressive ads that basically ruin all the fun. Ride your pixel dirt bike through a side scrolling obstacle course and try not to bite it, or you’ll be stuck watching yet another ad before you can try again. (continued)

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Moto Joe app is decent fun, up until it isn’t. As the story goes, you’re an itty bitty daredevil out for a joyride. The side scrolling landscape before you is laden with sharp spikes, flaming thingamajigs and perilous drops that aren’t all that perilous but make you go boom anyway. Your objective, is to ride that dang pixel bike as far as you can without going splat, because if you do, it’s time to watch some ads. I don’t mind developers trying to earn some pocket change, just be a little more subtle about it maybe. The play itself is fun, and the ads just beckon you to do better so you can keep playing without interruption. Problem is, this is one of those replay games where a hair’s breath difference is all it takes to bite it and go boom. The play is shoddy by design, yet I find myself lured to this one, mesmerized by its retro play and deceptively simple mechanics.

The controls use a lone screen tap to bring on the thunder, and they worked well for the most part; save the intentionally shoddy performance, designed to make you mess up more than you should. The graphics are inviting and stick close to their pixel game roots. The animation is laggy and needs more speed, but remain adequate. The sounds were annoying and inspire the use of that mute button.

Moto Joe app for Apple iOS and Android is good fun, until it isn’t. I’m recommending this one because of the authentic retro play and feel, but the aggressive ads keep me on the fence with this one. If there’s a paid version, do yourself a favor and buy it.



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