Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mayday! Deep Space - App Review

Mayday! Deep Space app for Apple iOS is an inventive strategy game that places you in a rescue situation on a futuristic two way radio sorta gizmo. Help a trapped astronaut escape whatever evil lurks on his spooked space station. This one requires strategy, patience and some imagination to conquer. (continued)

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Mayday! Deep Space presents in portrait mode to create the illusion that your cell phone is actually a futuristic sorta two way radio, motion radar thingamajig. You possess one radio, and a stranded astronaut is clutching the other, and you’re his only lifeline. You see, as the story goes, something or someone, is lurking about the space station, and your mission, is to help that little blip on your radar make it to safety. To do that, you’ll have to look sharp and listen even sharper. This game uses imagination to capture the fun as much as inventive visuals and an intriguing premise. Just listen for clues, then give your comrade commands that help him move safely through the environment; avoid the evil blips and get that lone good blip outta there, pronto. Get him to safety to win the game, or lay awake at night wondering what gruesome fate actually vanquished that little green dot on your radar screen.
The controls use screen taps to deliver commands and feature ticker tape sorta digital readouts along the bottom portion of your screen. The graphics are truly inventive, feeling like a retro tricorder from the old Star Trek series, but clearly futuristic and modern too. The animation is minimal, just those little green dots moving about your radar screen. The illusion of the handheld gizmo effect was cool, as were the illusions of imperative and urgency. The sounds are as integral here as the controls, so nicely done in that department.

Mayday! Deep Space app for Apple iOS is a quality strategy game with solid intrigue and genuinely entertaining play. This one is unique and deserves a look.                                                       

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