Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lost Toys - App Review

Lost Toys app for Apple iOS and Android is a charming puzzle game featuring what appears to be wooden toys hanging from a mobile, and in need of a little TLC. Unscramble each toy to reveal its true inner beauty. This one is meditative, entertaining and suitable for kids of all ages. (continued)

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Lost Toys app presents in landscape mode to depict what looks to be an empty room, just waiting for someone to breathe some life into it, and that someone is you. Hanging from the ceiling, is a mobile with what appears to be wooden objects dangling on strings. You’re compelled to move in closer and take a look, but don’t need to, because the magic mobile moves toward you, zooming in to show a close up of one of the scrambled shapes dangling on a string. It looks to be made of aged wood, and looks all gray and cracked. You can see remnants of what used to be paint. The shape looks familiar, but you can’t quite place it. So you start poking, sliding and moving the pieces every which way, trying to figure out what’s what. Soon, a shape begins to appear, it’s all becoming clearer and makes sense, if only you could figure out the right sequence of moves… there; got it! It’s a wooden race car with vibrant, hand painted colors that glow and come to life as you slide the last piece in place. Beautiful. Just keep going like that and try to solve all the toy puzzles on the mobile.
The controls use a little bit of everything to deliver the goods; slides, taps, swipes, and all functioned as expected. The graphics feature a nice juxtaposition between those raggedy, aged toys and their transformation to bright, shiny new ones. The visuals certainly draw you in and captivate. The animation has some good stuff to render here, with full 360 degree views of the puzzles you’re working on. The transition effects on the toys, from ragged to pristine is quite appealing and imbues the game with a magical quality that’s pleasing to the eye and spirit. The sounds feature meditative and lulling music that’s a pleasure to listen to and add nicely to the play. I was fond of the mood and agitation free play this app created.

Lost Toys app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality puzzle game, through and through. Excellent visuals, engaging play and just a good, wholesome spirit. This one stands apart and is sure to entertain.   



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