Tuesday, March 24, 2015

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes - App Review

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes app for Apple iOS is a fun and immersive combat game, pitting Lego Batman against an array of bad guys and big bosses. Beat the crap outta all the meanies and watch animated sequences that drive the plot forward and set up the premise for the next combat environment. This one is loads of fun for kids of all ages. (continued)

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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully evolved, hand to hand combat sorta game. But fret not, parents, because the violence in this one is innocuous, amounting to little more than imaginary toy battles in digital form, all without making a mess to pick up off the floor. As the story goes, Bruce Wayne has just received an important award, and the bad guys are none to happy about it, attacking the theater hosting the awards ceremony. So naturally, Mr. Wayne sneaks away, only to return as the caped crusader. Your mission, is to search the theater for bad guys to pummel and beat them senseless till they’re a pile of Lego bricks. The plot actually works through several locations, each set up by its own animated vignette. The end result, is an immersive game that plays out with an interactive plot. The watch and play format is highly engaging and entertaining.
The controls use an array of your gizmo’s touch capability to deliver the goods, and all functioned nicely. I was particularly fond of the double touch, which made Batman run, then spread his cape and fly a short distance; very cool. The graphics look like a natural extension of the Lego movie, with quality visuals and lots of nice details. It’s amazing how awesome a bunch of virtual toy bricks can look. The animation is smooth throughout, with lots of flash and pop to render. The sounds feature spoken word and also special effects punctuation that culminate to a quality score that rounds out the play nicely.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes app for Apple iOS is highly entertaining. The controls will take some practice, however, the payoff is a highly immersive game that’s sure to entertain for a long while. There’s a lot to see and do here, so this one is certainly worthwhile. Besides, it’s Batman and Lego, and if you don’t like playing with them toys, then you’re just a dork.

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