Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lastronaut - App Review

Lastronaut app for Apple iOS is a highly addictive retro replay game that goes for broke. Help the last lone astronaut save humanity or die trying. This one is as much fun to look at as it is to play. (continued)

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Lastronaut app presents in landscape mode to deliver an immersive and addictive side scrolling retro game that’s loads of fun. This is exactly the kind of game I would have played for hours on end, pumping roll after roll of quarters into it until the sun went down and my parents called the cops, wondering where the hell I was and who the 'f' abducted me. Well, Mr. Lastronaut abducted me, mommy, it’s not my fault! As the story goes, humanity has created self-aware cyborgs, and as often happens in stories like this, those once cute little robots have decided we’re the enemy and they're out to destroy us all. You, my gaming friend, are the last lone astronaut, or lastronaut, and your objective, is to just run as far as you can before dying in a slow-motion blaze of glory that looks so cool, you can’t even be upset that you just bit it hard. Though naturally, it’s preferable to keep running that little robot to go as far as you can and best your last score. There’s heat seeking missiles to evade, LED flashing land mines to avoid, and a bunch of other cool stuff. There’s also an array of weaponry to collect and use against your paltry human enemies.
The controls use a lone screen tap on the left to jump and another on the right to fire an array of cool weaponry you’ll pick up along the way. The controls are effective and responsive, so there’s no blaming that when you suck at this game. The graphics feature retro inspired pixels and blockiness that took me back to my childhood and that arcade I still frequent in my head. The animation has some outstandingly fun explosions to render that are hugely satisfying and just downright cool to look at. There’s lots of flash and pop here to enjoy. The sounds feature MIDI music and effects that I typically find tediously annoying, but here, they were barely noticeable thanks to the immersive play.

Lastronaut app for Apple iOS is one of my new favorite games. I really love this one and it’s sure to be appreciated by retro enthusiasts. This one is as fun as it is addictive, and is a gamer’s game, through and through.



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