Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jelly Jump - App Review

Jelly Jump app for Apple iOS and Android is a single minded replay game starring a cute little wiggly cube of Jell-O. Leap and bound your jiggly little Jell-O cube as high as you can or go splat trying. Disclaimer - you will go splat often. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Jelly Jump presents in portrait mode to deliver a cute little replay game that’s as fun to look at as it is to play. As the story goes, you're a little wiggly jiggle Jell-O cube with big aspirations. You wanna jump higher and higher and never ever stop. Only problem is, you're a cube of Jell-O and you guys ain't known for your jumping skills. But you're a cube on a mission who refuses to take no for an answer, so you leap... and fail miserably. You see, your vertical path of movement is laden with obstacles, like trap doors and swinging gates, all of which are out to squish you. Just keep leaping as high as you can for a s long as you can and try not to get squished. BTW - it looks funny when you get squished, so, just sayin'.

The controls use a lone screen tap to bring on the thunder, and they worked effectively. If you suck at this game then it's on you. The graphics and animation are comical, colorful and entertaining. We're talking wiggly Jell-O people, what's not to like? The sounds are surprisingly dramatic, which offered an interesting juxtaposition to the goofy play.

Jelly Jump app for Apple iOS and Android isn't very heady or memorable, however, as a mindless replay game, this one delivers in spades.  And in case any fool was wondering, no, this is not an officially license game by the good people of Jell-O; just sayin’.



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