Monday, March 16, 2015

Inferno 2 - App Review

Inferno 2 app for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool space shooter style game that takes place in a maze. Blast the crap outta all the plasma, single cell organism looking enemies to collect all the energy blobs and escape the level unscathed. This one plays like a retro arcade game and has outstanding visuals and responsive controls. (continued)

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Inferno 2 app is one of those games that looks as good as it plays. As the story goes, you are the pilot of your own space craft, and your objective, is to fly through an elaborate maze with all sorts of twists and turns to traverse and explore. But look sharp, because this maze is populated by neon glowing sorta plasma enemies out to get you at first sight. Why? Because you’re there, silly dilly, and that’s how games like this are played. There’s no time wasted here on a redundant story no one cares about. It’s just straight to the flying and blasting, right from the word go. Each maze has a series of sections and wings to explore, and all you gotta do is successfully gather all the energy blobs, kill all the plasma enemies, gather keys to unlock quarantined sections and make it to the exit without going boom. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. While the game isn’t complicated, it requires skill, strategy and logic to conquer each level. There’s a lot to see and play here, so this one will keep you busy.

The controls are highly sophisticated in execution and deceptively simple in presentation. There’s a d-pad on the lower left used to fly your craft, and another d-pad on the lower right to blast your weaponry. Both controls work in tandem rather well, allowing for expert play and accuracy in flight. There’s also an array of special power ups and weaponry to earn and try. The graphics are sparse and sophisticated at the same time, featuring what looks to be a blueprint layout of the maze itself, and an array of neon glowing, plasma looking enemies that are just downright cool to look at. The animation has a lot of cool stuff here to render, with fantastically vibrant explosions, fluid enemies and quality flight of your craft. The physics are outstanding and the illusion of speed and imperative really up the enjoyment of play. The sounds are energetic without being distracting or monotonously grating on the nerves.

Inferno 2 app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality game, through and through. This is a gamer’s game and sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates old school, retro style arcade play.



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