Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Icycle: On Thin Ice - App Review

Icycle: On Thin Ice app for Apple iOS is an odd little side scrolling platformer style game, featuring a nude guy on a tricycle. Yup, nude. Ride your little trike through an array of frozen mazes and frosted puzzles, and try not to freeze your nuts off. This one is weirdly entertaining and flat out goofy. (continued)

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Icycle: On Thin Ice app presents in landscape mode to reveal a frozen wasteland sorta side scrolling adventure game. There’s moving slabs of ice, humungous snowballs to outrun and falling shards of ice to avoid. If all that doesn’t sound menacing enough, try traversing that precariously rugged terrain on a tricycle. Oh, and by the way, our goofy little hero ain’t wearing a stitch of clothing, and is riding this trike bareback. Why? Who knows?! But I try not to judge, so go for it dude; just keep an eye on your ‘nads and go home where it’s nice and roasty toasty if they start turning blue. Whatever you do, just don’t roast them chestnuts on an open fire. 

The controls use a lone directional arrow on the lower left for forward movement, and a lone jump button on the right. It’s full steam ahead, with no going back. The animation features some weirdly comical visuals, like buildings that just drop away to reveal rugged mountaintops, jagged icicles, perilous drops, shifting platforms and general strange happenings. I’m not sure if this tricycle riding nudist is just having a bad dream, or is on a Timothy Leary acid trip.   The graphics look like watercolor paintings at times, and artistic paper cutouts at others. The colors ore muted and definitely inspire some chills. The sounds offer some comical audio accompaniment that round out the play nicely.

Icycle: On Thin Ice app for Apple iOS is an interesting side scrolling maze that’s sure to entertain retro style gamers who appreciate the oddities in life. There’s lots of levels and fun to be had here and this one is sure entertain, clear through to the end.



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