Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hovercraft - Build Fly Retry - App Review

Hovercraft - Build Fly Retry app for Apple iOS is a vibrantly colorful and cool racing game, featuring blocky, pixel hovercraft that you can build, pixel by pixel, then fly it, crash it, and do it all over again. This one is suitable for little boys of all ages. (continued)

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Hovercraft - Build Fly Retry app presents in landscape mode to reveal a bustling freeway in the city I’ve coined, Pixelville. Pixelville is a busy place, with lots of hovercraft on the freeways, and your mission, is to traverse these streets in your hovercraft to go for a leisurely drive, cut through traffic, and try not to get in an accident. Well guess what? You’ll be getting in lots of accidents, and reveling at how cool they are when you see how your pixel hovercraft crumbles apart, pixel by pixel in a blaze of glory. Ok, well maybe not a blaze, more like a comical disintegration right before your very eyes. What’s cool, is you can actually keep driving your hovercraft, even as pieces fall off and break apart. So just keep driving and hovering, right till the last pixel stops tumbling.

If you get bored with the stock hovercraft, head on over to the crafting department, where you can build your very own hovercraft, pixel by pixel, then drive your bright shiny new baby on those busy pixel freeways and watch it bust apart on impact when you mess up. See, I told you it was fun.

The controls use left and right screen taps on either side of your screen to steer your hovercraft and all functioned as it should. The graphics feature vibrant colors and surprisingly rich details for what looks to be an environment made solely out of square Lego bricks. The animation is simple and rudimentary, yet suits this game nicely. The smash and bash effects were entertaining and cool to look at. The sounds were minimal, adding just basic punctuation.

Hovercraft - Build Fly Retry app for Apple iOS is a cool pixel racer with a crafting twist. This one is good fun, and if you start crafting your own hovercraft, then you’ll be playing it for hours on end.  



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