Friday, March 6, 2015

HOME: Boov Pop! - App Review

HOME: Boov Pop app for Apple iOS is a match 3 inspired game starring bouncy bubbles. Make long matching strings of 3 or more to trigger cool chain reactions and vibrant animations. This is one of those games that’s as fun to look at as it is to play and is suitable for matching fans of all ages. (continued)

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HOME: Boov Pop presents in portrait mode to offer up some bubbly good fun. This one is the companion app to the Dreamworks movie bearing the same name, minus the Boov Pop portion. So what, pray tell, is a Boov anyways? Well, as the story goes, a Boov is an alien race of happy go lucky misfits, and that’s pretty much all I know, but I intend to see the movie to learn more. As it pertains to this game, our charming little Boov apparently has OCD and likes to pop bubbles, so I suggest you keep him away from the UPS store, lest he go into a blind frenzy, popping all their packing material like a rabid Martian. Good news is, the good people of Boov like to share, and this one’s got plenty of bubbles to go around, with oodles and oodles of them here for you to burst.

Your mission, is to draw lines between matching bubbles of 3 or more to create long windy strings of matching colored bubbles. The longer your string of bubbles is, the better, and you’ll be rewarded with spectacularly entertaining popping effects that are sure to make you Jones for more. Your objective, is to make the required number of matches within a set number of moves, and there’s a legend near the top of the screen telling you how many of each color you need to get to win the round. Naturally, things get interesting the deeper you go into the game, with special power up bubbles that offer bigger popping effects and some cool abilities to use and enjoy. The play is lighthearted, uncomplicated and sure to be a hit with anyone who enjoys good clean fun. If you’re a stick in the mud type, then stay away, because if these sweet little Boov can’t make you smile, perhaps no one can.

The controls use screen swipes and slides to deliver the goods and functioned as one would expect with no glitches. The graphics are oozing with vibrancy and dripping with saturation; there’s a lot to enjoy here. The animation certainly has a lot of flash and pop to render and does a nice job of it, with nary a lag or hang. The sounds feature some comical effects that suit the game nicely.

HOME: Boov Pop app for Apple iOS is highly entertaining and sure to please match 3 fans, along with anyone who just likes some mindless, lighthearted fun. This one should keep you busy for a good while and is an effective promotional tool for what looks to be a charming movie. I'm surprised there's no Android version as of yet.



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