Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hitman Go - App Review

Hitman GO for Apple iOS and Android is a cool chess style puzzle game, featuring a lone agent squaring off against a bunch of mob thugs. Figure out the best path of movement to take out all the thugs undetected, and inch your way closer to taking out the mob boss. This one requires strategy and logic to master. (continued)

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Hitman GO presents in landscape mode to deliver a wholly immersive puzzle game, featuring quality 3D graphics. As the story goes, you're a well-dressed secret agent of sorts, and your mission, is to take out all the thugs and try to make it to the last square on a chess style game board environment. The game board is populated with virtual renditions of plastic gaming pieces that you move around the board. Your objective, is to move, space by space, trying to avoid detection by the thug pieces, who take you out with a violent thud to your plasticy little head. Approaching thugs from the sides and from behind assures stealthy movement, while coming at them head on is sure to be your demise. There's special action squares, that allow you to create diversions and move undetected. This one features a lot of cool levels to work through and is sure to make you think, clear through to the end.

The controls use screen taps and touches to make the game go, and all functioned as expected. The graphics feature a fully realized 3D environment with vibrantly colorful imagery. The animation renders smoothly and features some very sophisticated motion tracking effects, along with quality pinch zoom and movement tracking options that allow for near total 360 degree views of this fully rendered 3D environment. The sounds offer some stealthy and sneaky effects that round out the play nicely.

Hitman GO is a cool puzzle game, to be sure, and will certainly captivate and entertain. This is a quality game, through and through, and is sure to keep puzzle fans and avid gamers entertained, right to the last thug brawl.



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