Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Green the Planet - App Review

Green the Planet app for Apple iOS is a goofy replay game that's all about eco-friendly meteor rock harvesting. Blast flaming meteors orbiting this desolate planet and use the fallen debris as fertilizer to make this planet lush with flora.  This one is suitable for retro pixel fans of all ages. (continued)

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Green the Planet app presents in portrait mode to depict a barren planet, populated with a flying saucer, a few aliens and their big, bad ass laser canon. Your mission, is to blow the crap outta all the passing meteors, collect the fallen debris, then use your trusty alien technology to magically transform the debris into an effective fertilizer that turns our barren little planet green. So, in effect, Al Gore has dipped a toe into the app world and come up with this concept, or maybe it's just an astute developer, either way, the game is fun.

To make the magic happen, just touch your finger on the meteor you want to blow up, and the laser canon fires at it automatically, and when the debris falls to the planet's surface, just swipe your finger across the debris, which then swirls with a cool glowing effect and processes into fertilizer that makes the planet a little bit greener. The prospect of greening this whole planet is a rather slow and tedious affair, however, you can upgrade your equipment to make things a bit more efficient.

The graphics go for retro with pixel inspired visuals, yet smartly retain some nice details to deliver a neo-retro pixel game that looks inviting. The animation is mostly smooth, but feels a tad on the slow side. On the plus side, the meteor explosions are satisfying and look great. The sounds are simple, sticking close to their retro MIDI roots.

Green the Planet app for Apple iOS is a silly little game that is entertaining for a little while at least. Not sure how well this will hold up over the long haul, but I bet most people will be curious enough to green at least one planet, just to see what happens next.

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