Monday, March 30, 2015

Give It Up! - App Review

Give It Up! app for Apple iOS and Android is a super fun replay game that’ll drive you bonkers while putting a smile on your face. Help a cute little black blobby thing bounce and bound from one target space to the next, all while avoiding jaggies that make you go splat. This one entertains best in short burst reserved for masochistic moods. Play it of you dare. (continued)

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Give It Up! presents in landscape mode to deliver a simple yet iconic replay game that’s lotsa fun to play, provided you dispense with frivolous notions of skill and successful play. As the story goes, you’re a little blobby thing that likes to go bouncy bouncy. Your mission, is to go bouncy bouncy on the safe spaces while avoiding spikes and pitfalls that make you go spat like a June bug on a windshield at 65 mph. To keep things interesting, there’s platforms that go up, and others that go down. I really loved the large numerical percentage readout that tallies your progress through the course; it’s an inventive way to let you know how well you’re doing and offers benchmarks to conquer on repeat plays. There’s lots of levels to challenge you, so this one will keep you busy a good while.
The controls use a lone screen tap to deliver the goods, and the mechanics follow the beat of the comical music being played. If you follow along, you’ll fall into the rhythm of things and do quite well. But the instant you stop feelin’ it, you’ll mess up pronto. So the audio is an integral part of the game here, and also features some funny squeaky sounds too. The graphics are comical and lighthearted which adds to the enjoyment factor. The colors are sparse, but bleeds with pops of color and saturation when it matters most.

Give It Up! app for Apple iOS and Android is highly addictive and the type of game that just might leave you jittering like an addict, pounding that replay button for another fix; and I mean that in the best possible of ways. This one is as much fun to look at as it is to play and is highly artistic in its minimalist approach.


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