Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flop Rocket - App Review

Flop Rocket app for Apple iOS and Android aims to mimic retro arcade classic sorta play and largely hits the mark. Fly your goofy rocket through a cavernous maze and go as far as you can before going splat. This one has a rather comical presentation and is as much fun to play as it is to look at. (continued)

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Flop Rocket presents in landscape mode to deliver a colorfully vibrant gaming environment. As the story goes, some sorry fool thought flying a rocket inside a jaggy cave would be an awesome idea; which it is, provided you like watching things go boom. Your mission, is to fly your little flop rocket through this side scrolling maze, laden with jaggies to avoid and coins to collect. To do that, just tap your thrusters, aim your trajectory and hope for the best. They don't call this flop rocket for nothing, because there's no real buoyancy of zero gravity to speak of, and you'll need to pump your throttle to float and glide your rocket through the maze, or drop like a lead... well, a lead rocket that belongs in zero gravity not in a jaggy cave. This one has a high replay value and you'll be pounding that thing like a meth addict jonesing for a fix; and I mean that in the best possible of ways.

The controls use a lone screen tap to engage your thrusters and a trajectory dial on the left. Just slide your thumb on the dial to adjust the orientation and direction of your flop rocket while tapping the screen to engage the thruster. I tend to like going slow and easy with this one, and only angle my rocket slightly, tapping the thruster gently to create slow and easy lateral movement. Yup, you could just point your rocket sideways toward the right, then punch the throttle and go for broke, however, it won't take long for you to go boom either. The graphics and animation go for a cartoonish quality look that's vibrant, comical and highly entertaining. It sucks to go boom, but it looks dang cool too. The sounds feature some cool music that's actually enjoyable to hear, along with some comical sound effects that lessen the bite when you go boom.

Flop Rocket app for Apple iOS and Android is outstandingly fun and certainly takes me back to my old arcade days. I would have pumped rolls of quarters into this one and played it from open to close. This one is loads of fun. 



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