Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flashout 2S - App Review

FLASHOUT 2S app for Apple iOS is an intensely cool and fast paced replay racing game that's highly addictive. Race the streets to futuristic renditions of the world’s most well-known cities. This one is highly addictive and loads of fun for racing fans of all ages and skill levels. (continued)

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FLASHOUT 2S presents in landscape mode from an aerial point of view, just behind your chic, ultra-modern looking hovercraft. You'll burn through futuristic caricature renditions of city streets from the likes of Seoul, Moscow, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The visuals are highly striking and super cool to look at. Just select the bad ass hovercraft you'd like to drive, hit the play button and let the g-forces hit you like a led weight compressing your chest. Well, ok, so this game doesn't simulate any actual g-forces, however, the illusion of speed is so spot on and effin' cool, that I couldda swore I felt the g's hitting me hard. This one has all the benefits of going fast, with none of the tickets, court time or strikes against your license. The game is highly addictive and I found myself jittering to hit that replay button so I could get my next fix, pronto.
The controls use pretty much everything your gizmo has to offer, presenting an array of alternate options to suit anyone's fancy. I recommend testing them all to find your personal fave; mine is the tilt function, since it drew me into the play and upped the intensity of speed and enjoyment. The graphics feature a lot of sizzle and pop, with vibrant colors, beautiful saturation and mesmeric glow effects. The animation certainly has a lot to render here, and this will tax your gizmo's resources to the max, however, the payoff is oh so worth it. The sounds feature some cool techno style music that’s actually enjoyable and adds to the overall fun.

FLASHOUT 2S is a balls to the wall racing game suitable for speed demons of all ages. This one goes straight for the jugular and doesn't let go. So hang on tight and have some fun. The next race launches in, 3... 2... 1...


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