Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fax Burner - Send & Receive Faxes - App Review

Fax Burner - Send & Receive Faxes for Apple iOS aims to relive the glory days of sending and receiving faxes. Yes, there’s still some people clinging to this arcane and outdated technology, so it's good to have an app like this in your roster, just in case. This one functions well, and for the moment, is totally free.

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Fax Burner - Send & Receive Faxes presents in portrait mode to deliver a very bare bones and old school interface. Truth be told, this one looks about as cutting edge as the outdated technology it features. However, looks aren’t everything, and the fact of the matter is, this app works flawlessly. I recently had to fax some important documents to someone, only to realize that I no longer have any land lines, and as such, had no clue how I was going to fax these documents they wanted. I thought about going to a local copy center, but decided to check the App Store, just in case some brainiac had come up with a way for me to fax from my cell phone. Enter Fax Burner.
To make the magic happen, all you need do is create an account, then photograph your documents, enter the destination phone number, add a brief cover page, and voila, retro faxing is alive and kicking, right off your cell phone. The process was literally that fast and easy, and all told, it wasn’t even 10 minutes from app download to successful fax transmission. Isn’t it nice when things actually work as advertised?

The app generates a temporary fax number for you each time you want to send or receive faxes. The numbers are good for 24 hours, with an annual subscription fee required if you want to keep the number. You’ll get email notifications confirming your faxes are sent, and free accounts can send and receive up to 25 pages a month, which is more than most of us will need.

Fax Burner is just that simple and easy. No kidding. I think the interface could use a modern update, but the functionality is solid and saved me a tedious trip to the copy store.


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