Friday, March 27, 2015

Fat Princess - App Review

Fat Princess app for Apple iOS and Android is a goofy match 3 RPG starring a fat princess who loves her cake. Make matches of 3 or more to launch attacks against medieval style enemies. This one has some arguably offensive elements but remains fun to play.  (continued)


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Fat Princess app presents in portrait mode to reveal a typical match 3 gaming environment, populated with gemstones and attack icons. Above that, is a battleground pitting your heroes against an array of enemy warriors and knights. The story takes place in a medieval style castle, making use of turn by turn mechanics. It's you against computer opponents, and your mission is to make matches of 3 or more to launch attacks against enemies above. You're actually helping this fat princess protect her castle from being overrun by these hapless goons. There's an array of different attack gems to match and use, along with bombs and muskets that have no place in the era allegedly being presented here, but it's best not to ask too many questions when playing games like this. The real kicker power-up you're looking for is the piece of cake, which this princess can't seem to get enough of, and apparently it makes her ravenously lethal when she eats a slice. And believe you me, you don't want to cross this princess once she's eaten her cake. Just down a slice and watch her thunderous, earth shattering attack make short work out of everyone onscreen.

The controls use screen swipes and slides to make your matches. Matches can be made on the horizontal and vertical, but not diagonally. The graphics feature cartoonish little munchkin sorta warriors, with decent details and colorful imagery to enjoy. The animation is smooth with some nice flash and pop to render, especially when you score combination attacks. The sounds are a tad annoying, with monotonously tedious music that preys on the nerves. However, there's some goofy sounds too that are worth a chuckle.  The app features an interactive story to read through while you play, which rounded out the entertainment value nicely.

Fat Princess app for Apple iOS and Android is a goofy match 3 game that adds just enough unique elements to make it worthwhile. RPG and match 3 fans will find this one entertaining and engaging.



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