Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Disco Panda - App Review

Disco Panda app for Apple iOS is a goofy match 3 style game that really has nothing to do with the matches, and is all about the disco dancin' silliness. Make long strings of rapid-fire matches as quickly as possible to build up momentum and cause a disco dancing frenzy. This one is good for a laugh and I really loved its playful spirit. (continued)

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Disco Panda presents in portrait mode to reveal what appears to be a typical match 3 game board. Above that, is an open meadow, with an afro wearing panda strutting his stuff and making John Travolta agog in awe. This little panda's got some slick moves, but he needs company, cuz it ain't no fun disco dancin’ and boogie'n the night away all by yourself. So to help this little panda out, all you gotta do is make long strings of matches, of three or more. Just keep firing them off as fast as you can, because with each successful match, another panda pokes his little afro head up from behind the crest of a hill. The more matches you make, the more little pandas appear.  Hit critical mass to make all them pandas jump onto the dance floor and strut their stuff. Did I mention this one is goofy fun?

The controls use a lone screen slide to deliver the disco fun and make your matches. Matches can be made on the horizontal, vertical and diagonal, and nope, there's no real power ups or anything to collect. It's really just all about making the goofy pandas dance. The graphics are a tad on the retro side, with neo-pixel graphics that are pleasing to the eye, colorful and cute. The animation is lively and goofy, but also choppy and slow too. The sounds feature Japanese game show style vocals that offer encouragement and add to the silliness. And naturally, there's disco music to tap your toe with.

Disco Panda app for Apple iOS is just good clean fun. This one will make you smile, even if it is a bit of a one trick pony.

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