Friday, March 20, 2015

Daytona Rush - App Review

Daytona Rush app for Apple iOS is my new favorite racing game. Drive fast and weave through traffic to be a Daytona 500 sorta bad ass. This one is just flat out cool with a high replay value. (continued)

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Daytona Rush presents in portrait mode to deliver a racing replay game that is highly addictive. As the story goes, you're a driver in a Daytona race, and the track is thickly populated with opponents and speeding cars. Your mission, is to just change lanes, left and right, trying to weave through traffic and win the race. Truth be told, there's no finish line to be found here, and the race just keeps going until you crash and burn. The traffic gets thicker with each passing lap, so look sharp, and drive even sharper. This one is highly addictive and I loved the illusion of speed. Filling up with gas was also cool, requiring you to navigate to the left lane, and steer off into the shoulder to collect all the gas cans. But be careful, because you might get boxed in and have a hard time getting back onto the raceway. Don’t drive in the shoulder too long, lest you be disqualified.
The controls use the left and right sides of your screen to change lanes, just tap each respective side to move in that direction. The graphics are outstandingly cool, with quality visuals that go for a faux sorta CGI realism that feels both modern and retro. The animation is clean, rendering the action nicely. I particularly loved all the camera angles and razzle dazzle, which just made the game all that much more enjoyable. The sounds feature some testosterone laden revs that are hugely satisfying and certainly add to the enjoyment factor here.

Daytona Rush is a quality replay game, through and through. This one is as addictive as it is simple.



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