Friday, March 20, 2015

Criminel - App Review

Criminel app for Apple iOS is a cool old timey sorta detective game. Search crime scenes for clues, take photographs, gather evidence and prove yourself as a worthy detective. This one is fun for strategy and logic fans, and has captivating visuals. (continued)

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Criminel presents in landscape mode and is playable on iPad only. You’re a rooky detective in 19th century Paris, and your first assignment, is to investigate a test crime scene in order to prove your mettle to your supervising detective. Search the room to find all the clues, photograph them, and return back to your mentor with your findings. Completing the mission successfully means you get to search a real crime scene next, under the wing of your supervising detective. There’s cool visuals wit accompanying text along the bottom of the screen. Just follow your mentor’s instructions, find all the clues, then go back to the old school lab and try to figure out what’s what. The plot is very intriguing and the play is immersive, yet simple enough for anyone to follow and play. (continued)

The crown jewel of this one are the cool, old time looking visuals, which look like a very old and aged silent film. The colors are sepia tone, and come off like a collection of aged and worn photographs. The look is very appealing and certainly transported me to another time and place. The animation is smooth for the most part, but did lag from time to time. Basically, the renders are just depicting movement through each crime scene, with intentional analog style artifacts, like lens dust and tattered 35mm film which all helped to round out the old school effect. The controls use taps and swipes to move through your environment and scan your surroundings, which felt a bit awkward at times, and certainly take some getting used to. The sounds feature some grating music and ominous effects that could use to be toned down a tad, but remain effective at creating a mysterious mood.

Criminel scores bonus points for innovative visuals and an intriguing plot. This one is sure to entertain, clear through to the end.



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