Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cinderella Free Fall - App Review

Cinderella Free Fall app for Apple iOS and Android is the next installment in Disney's match 3, freefall series of games. This one features enchanted match 3 play that's all about making long strings of matches that can twist and turn in all directions, triggering cool chain reactions and earning magical power ups. The play and presentation are top notch and there's lots here to entertain Cinderella fans of all ages. (continued)

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Cinderella Free Fall app presents in portrait mode and plays well on both iPad and iPhone. Personally, I felt the iPad experience is the better option, where you can appreciate all the beautiful visuals on a larger screen. Typical to match 3 play, you are presented with game boards of different shapes that are essentially grids populated with differently colored gemstones.  Your objective, is to slide your finger and make long strings of matches; the longer the string, the greater the razzle-dazzle when you release your finger and all those gems disappear with a flash. Go for big chain reactions that look cool and earn the biggest bonuses. The play includes easy to follow instruction that explains all the intricacies. This one is enjoyable for puzzle fans of all ages. Just be aware that there's plenty of opportunity here to spend real money.

The controls use touches and slides to deliver the goods, and all functioned as expected. The graphics are vibrant and truly glisten, twinkling with magic fairy dust. The animation has some very enchanted special effects to render and the visuals don't disappoint; truly top caliber and, we all expect no less from the likes of Disney.  The music is a tad repetitious and could get tediously monotonous over repeat plays, however, it is all befitting of a princess and appropriately grand.

Cinderella Free Fall app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality game, through and through. The Cinderella theme lends itself well to this game genre and this is a worthy addition to the freefall lineup. There's a lot to like here, and it certainly entertains.



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