Saturday, March 7, 2015

CARROT To-Do - Talking Task List - App Review

CARROT To-Do - Talking Task List for iOS is a talking task and to-do list generator that’s got its sights set on making you laugh while you complete all the chores on your list. The app is decent as a barebones to-do list, while the humor is occasionally amusing, and certainly does make compiling dry and dull to-do lists modestly entertaining.

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CARROT To-Do - Talking Task List presents in portrait mode to deliver a simple and clean interface, centered on making very basic to-do lists. Just swipe down from the top of the screen to add new entries to your list. The presentation features black text on a white background, but there’s also an inverted color scheme, placing white text on a black background, which is reserved for time when this app feels you’re being naughty. You see, there’s this icon on the top right of the screen, just beckoning you to press it, and once you do, you will be introduced to a dry and sadistic computer voice that I like to call Val.

Val was the star of her own cable reality show, called Solitary 2.0, and she used to torture contestants with little challenges designed to test and torture her captive humans. Well, just think of that concept, but in a to-do list app.  No, Val doesn’t torture you via this app, but she does get angry and threaten you a lot. I’ve always wondered why emotionless cyborgs always possess the human emotions of spite, impatience and revenge. In any case, making to do lists is rather simple. And when you complete tasks, just swipe horizontally to mark them as done. Val will reward you with bonus points, which accumulate to level ups which unlock special features, like simple graphics to decorate your lists, and positive reinforcement from Val.

CARROT To-Do - Talking Task List is just a bare bones to-do list app that functions well. The addition of Val talking to you is somewhat humorous, though the joke can get old rather fast. However, list making gets old fast too, so why not have some fun with it? This app isn’t for everyone, but some of you might truly love it.



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