Monday, March 23, 2015

Card Crawl - App Review

Card Crawl app for Apple iOS is a fantasy card RPG, pitting your hand of four against the dealer’s. The app is presented as a two person card game, seated at a table in an old time, medieval pub. So suck back some ale, play some cards and try not to piss anyone off. (continued)

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Card Crawl app presents in portrait mode to reveal a somewhat friendly, medieval game of cards between two players; you and the dealer. The dealer sits near the top of the screen, while both your and the dealer’s cards are dealt, face up, onto the table, which occupies the remainder of the screen.  Each player is dealt 4 cards, each represented by and icon denoting a left hand, a right hand, a backpack and your hero’s life card, which never changes nor is discarded, and must be protected at all costs. Your hero card starts off with a set number denoting your hero’s life meter. Your objective, is to deliver blows to the dealer’s attack cards, collect anything useful from his hand, like potions, coins and goodies like that. The game is won when all 52 cards in the deck are played, or it is lost when you lose all your health points and your hero card dies. The rules of the game are rather intricate, and I strongly suggest you watch the tutorial several times until you get the hang of it.

The controls use screen touches and slides to deliver the goods and all functioned as expected. The graphics feature nice imagery that’s rich with details and effectively sets the mood; this dealer is no one to mess with. The animation is minimal but does have some cool stuff to render. Each card played has some special razzle dazzle to deliver that keeps things interesting. And there’s some subtle comical touches of animation, here and there, so look sharp. The sounds are fully realized, delivering ambient pub noise, minimal music and some additional effects to round out the soundscape.

Card Crawl app for Apple iOS offers some original and fun RPG card play. There’s a serious learning curve here, but if you stick with it and learn the ropes, you’ll be rewarded with a wholly original and unique fantasy card game.



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