Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Car Drift - One Touch - App Review

Car Drift - One Touch for Apple iOS and Android is a deceptively simple car racing game that looks like a retro slot-car arcade game. Drive your little sportster through a zig-zaggy track and try not to bite it. This one is as addictive as it is frustrating and you’ll be hitting that replay button often.

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Car Drift - One Touch presents in landscape mode to deliver a bit of a Trojan horse; a game that’s seemingly just an innocuous kid’s game, but turns out to be a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing. As the story goes, there’s a little toy race car, all innocent and lonesome on this twisty-turny sorta race track. Your mission, naturally, is to drive as far as you can without crashing. Nope, this one doesn’t go fast, because the challenge is just staying on the track to begin with. The trick here, is the one finger controls. Just touch and hold your screen to cast a line from your car to one of the anchor points at the side of the road; once you latch onto an anchor point, the line pulls tight and your car makes the turn. Release your finger at the precise moment to drive straight, and hopefully make it to the next turn. You’ll crash often, so get your finger ready to pound that replay button.

The controls just use that one screen hold and release to make the magic happen, and all functioned as expected, so if you suck at this, it’s on you. The graphics are deceptively inviting and charming, reminding me of retro arcade games I used to play. The animation is slow but smooth. The sounds feature an innocently inviting score that camouflages the aggravation that lay beneath.

Car Drift - One Touch is certainly addictive, but is only as much fun as you are a glutton for punishment. But such is the way of maddening replay games. This is a quality game and sure to entertain replay fans.



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