Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bowling King: The Real Match - App Review

Bowling King: The Real Match for Apple iOS and Android offers you a night at the bowling lanes from around the globe, all without ever having to leave your comfy chair. Play against online opponents in culturally themed lanes. This one is loads of fun.

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Bowling King: The Real Match presents in portrait mode to deliver a quality, virtual bowling experience. As the story goes, it’s a good day to go lane hopping around the globe and knock over pins in themed bowling lanes from around the world. Play in Los Angeles, Moscow, Australia and others, just to name a few. The games are actually only 5 frames instead of the usual ten, which helps keep things moving. Playing against online opponents worked seamlessly, with no buffering issues or lags. The physics are quite good, with believable weight and density to the ball. The last few frames add obstacles and ramps to up the difficulty, and I enjoyed the challenge. Earning strikes and playing with skill and accuracy are all possible here, if you got the goods to back it up.

The controls use swipe gestures to fling your ball, and tilt functions to guide it down the lane in hopes of a strike. The graphics feature neon sorta visuals that are pleasing to the eye and have nice details. The animation is mostly smooth, but does lag occasionally, and the ball’s rolling effect could have been more believable. The sounds highlight realistic bowling sounds which added to my enjoyment.

Bowling King: The Real Match is a good time and I certainly found it to be highly entertaining. So kick back and have fun.

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