Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bob's Space Adventure - App Review

Bob's Space Adventure app for Apple iOS and Android plays like an arcade classic, and I find myself instinctively fishing for quarters in my pocket every time I want to play it. Fly a brave little astronaut through space and make short work outta the colorful alien insects coming your way from all sides. This one is frantic and fun, and not for the faint of heart. (continued)

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Bob's Space Adventure presents in landscape mode to deliver a super cool retro sorta space shooter game. As the story goes, you’re a little astronaut brave enough, and dumb enough, to fly through a wormhole wearing nothing but your trusty space suit. You’ve got grit in your teeth and your trusty laser rifle by your side. Your objective, is to blast anything that moves and ask questions later. Aliens come at you from all sides, and all you gotta do is hit those dang thrusters on your spacesuit and try not to get touched by one of them dang aliens or it’s game over. The play is highly energetic and frantically fun, possessing a strong learning curve with nary a pause button to save you or moment’s rest to catch a breath. Nope, you just gotta keep flying and firing, and hope it all turns out well.

The controls are effective but certainly take some getting used to, however, practice makes perfect and quality play is entirely possible given the responsive controls and excellent physics. There’s a d-pad on the left and a fire button on the right, and operating them in tandem was tricky.  The illusion of gravity is outstanding and only adds to the fun. The graphics are solidly retro by design, remaining heavy on the pixels, yet retaining clarity to deliver some inviting visuals. The animation is smooth and clean, only lagging occasionally. The sounds suited this game perfectly and took me back to my old arcade days for sure.

Bob's Space Adventure app or Apple iOS and Android is a quality retro replay game that’s certainly worth a look. This one is highly entertaining and enjoyable to play. I truly loved it and had a lot of fun with it.This is a gamer's game, through and through.

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