Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blood & Glory: Immortals - App Review

Blood & Glory: Immortals app for Apple iOS and Android is an energetic combat game that takes place in Roman times. Choose your hero, then engage in hand to hand combat with swords and an array of special powers to earn along the way. This one is fast paced, intense and loads of testosterone driven fun. (continued)

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Blood & Glory: Immortals app goes straight for the jugular, right from the word go. You are presented with 3 heroes to choose from, the coolest of all being the Roman gladiator, all decked out in period garb and wielding what looks to be a 75lb sword, if it were real, of course. The play is fast paced and energetic, pitting you against clusters of enemies that come at you in waves. Just run through this mythic Roman Empire, laden with stone pillars and statues, and brimming with history. Your objective is rather simple: beat the crap out of anyone who dares to cross your path, be they man woman or beast. (continued)

Each level has its own Roman landscape to traverse, featuring different parts of this vast kingdom. Sometimes you're running on cobblestone, slashing and gashing as you go, other times, you're splashing through decorative fountains and turning the water blood red. The game does a great job of presenting a varied and engaging environment. Each level ends with a big boss fight, pitting you against an array of mythic beasts out for blood. I don't know why everyone is so angry, but it makes for some fun and engaging play.

The graphics are flatly outstanding in every respect. Lots of cool 3D visuals, quality perspectives and jaw dropping vibrancy. This game is simply a joy to look at and veritable eye candy. Yes, there's lots of gratuitous violence here, but I believe it’s all kid friendly and very PG. The animation certainly has a lot to render here, and only lags occasionally when the screen fills up with flash and pop. The big boss battles have some particularly cool visuals to enjoy.

The controls use a d-pad on the left and an array of weaponry and special powers on the right. There's some cool stuff to earn, buy and try, so watch your wallet. The controls have a modest learning curve but remain accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, with a little practice. The sounds are fully realized and definitely added to the enjoyment of play.

Blood & Glory: Immortals app for Apple iOS and Android is intensely fun and hugely addictive. This is one of those games you never want to put down because it looks so good and plays so well. Solid entertainment value and loads of fun to play.



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