Friday, March 20, 2015

Blokshot Revolution - App Review

Blokshot Revolution app for Apple iOS and Android is an addictive replay game with deceptively simple mechanics and some cool, neon glow sorta visuals. Make the glowing fireball spin round and round, then shoot it at falling geometric shapes to make them go boom. This one is harder than it looks and sure to entertain replay fans. (continued)

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Blokshot Revolution app presents in portrait mode and aims to spin you right round baby, right round, like a record baby, round round, round round. Yup, that’s the Dead or Alive 80s classic, for those who were wondering, and it best describes how to play this game. As the story goes, you are presented with a deceptively simple, futuristic looking replay shooter. There’s a circular control at the bottom of the screen, with a glowing fireball projectile that shoos like a comet on your command.  Blocks and shapes drop from the top of the screen, and all you gotta do is shoot your fireball comet at them and make them all go boom before they reach the bottom of the screen, or it’s game over.  It all sounds so easy, right? Well, guess again, my replay friend, because this one is a lot harder than it looks.

To make the magic happen, just touch your finger anywhere onscreen to make your glowing fireball spin round and round, where it lands, only you can control. Just release your finger from the screen to send your comet fireball shooting into the falling shapes above. The tricky part is, you instinctively want to wind up that comet real good and send it hurling at the falling objects with the most force possible. Well, that’s really not the best strategy here, because the faster your fireball spins, the harder it is to aim with any accuracy. Slow and steady wins the race with this one, and it’s best to make as few revolutions as possible before hurling your fireball into the shapes above. The good news is, the controls are highly responsive, allowing for some expert play and cool combo shots.

The graphics are futuristic and dramatic in look, featuring a black backdrop, glowing geometric shapes, and of course, our fiery comet. It all had a lost in space sort a look and feel to it that was appealing and inviting. The animation has some cool burst effects when you score a direct hit, and the fiery comet renders were satisfying to watch. The sounds feature minimal effects and some cool, ethereal music that suited the play well.

Blokshot Revolution app for Apple is addictive and fun. I was entertained and found the visuals and overall presentation very appealing.



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