Friday, March 27, 2015

Blek - App Review

Blek app for Apple iOS and Android is a maddening puzzle game that relies heavily on trial and error. Clear the screen of all the colored circles while trying to avoid all the black ones. This one has excellent physics and unusual game controls that’ll keep you guessing. Just try not to rip all the hair outta your head while you’re at it. (continued)

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Blek presents in landscape mode to deliver a gaming environment comprised of differently colored circles. You’re trying to make all the colored circles disappear, while avoiding all the black circles. To do that, you’ll have to draw a squiggled line onscreen which then sets off on a trajectory of movement. Try to get the line to wiggle its way into all the colored circles, making them disappear on impact. However, if your line touches any of the black circles, it’s game over. The lines and circles very much seem like little blobs of ink, hence why the black lines disappear back into the black circles of ink. Things start off simple enough, but soon evolve into highly elaborate puzzles that rely heavily on trial and error. Just keep at it till you solve the puzzle, or go mad trying.
The controls are highly innovative and simple at the same time. You’re just drawing squiggles here, but the trick is figuring out the physics behind their movement, so you can control the squiggle’s trajectory and path of travel. All functioned well, but take some getting used to. The graphics are literally just a bunch of differently colored circles, so nothing cutting edge there. The animation is simple, rendering squiggly lines with quality physics. The sounds are sparse, placing focus squarely on the mission at hand.

Blek app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality puzzle game with a high replay value. This one is sure to entertain diehard puzzle fans, provided it doesn’t drive them nuts first. Play it if you dare.



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