Saturday, March 14, 2015

Batman: Arkham Origins - App Review

Batman: Arkham Origins for Apple iOS and Android goes straight for the jugular, in this royal rumble, Thunderdome style - two men enter, one man leaves - sorta smack down to the finish. This one is highly entertaining, regardless of if you’re a Batman fan or not. (continued)

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Batman: Arkham Origins presents in landscape mode to deliver a heart thumping good time. As the story goes, you’re in some underground industrial setting. There’s all sorts of girders, thick pipes and damp mustiness that’s sure to make most nerds, including me, reach for the hand sanitizer. The game pits Batman against an array of super villains, and your mission, is to just beat the ever livin’ crap outta each other and see who’s left standing. The play is non-stop and intense, with a whole host of attack options possible. Each character has their signature move, and Batman isn’t shy about using his bag ‘o’ tricks either. Just beat the crap outta your screen, which translates to Batman beating the crap outta his opponent. Square off in as many matches as your hemoglobin can handle, or maybe take it slow and rid the world of evil, one super villain smack down at a time. Either way, you’ll have fun. This is one of those games that makes me grit my teeth while I play.

The controls use an array of touches, swipes and pokes, with some cool action triggers for special power ups and super lethal blows. The graphics look like something straight outta the comic books, very dramatic, damp and musty. The animation goes for broke, rendering an amazing amount of action and movement, with nary a lag or stutter. The sounds effectively loosened my bowels, adding to the fun and intensity of play. The physics are pretty awesome too. This is some of the best CGI I’ve seen for mobile gaming.

Batman: Arkham Origins is good clean fun. Sure, there’s some gratuitous violence here, but this is the stuff of cartoon super heroes and wonderment, which assures this one remains suitable for gamers of all ages. Totally entertainment value and loads of fun to play, to be sure. Enjoy.


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