Friday, March 20, 2015

Angry Birds Stella POP! - App Review

Angry Birds Stella POP! app for Apple iOS and Android is charmingly fun and addictive to play. Help Stella save baby chicks trapped in a floating bubble puzzle, and get those dang naughty piggies while you’re at it. This one is entertaining and a worthy addition to the Angry Birds app lineup. 

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Angry Birds Stella POP! app presents in portrait mode to reveal a tried and true bubble pop puzzler with an Angry Birds theme. Ms. Stella appears at the bottom of the screen, next to a slingshot launcher. Above, is a puzzle of differently colored bubbles, green piggies and trapped baby birdies. . All you gotta do, is launch bubbles from below into the puzzle above to make matches of 3 or more, which make everything go pop. Just keep launching and popping bubbles to work your way upward through this vertical maze, saving any trapped chicks along the way, and bashing some naughty piggies as you go. There’s obstructions to smash and loads of levels to work through. The game is charming and addictive, however, the physics and nuance are not as refined as Panda Pop, or even Bubble Witch.

The controls are refined and accurate; just touch your finger onscreen, pull back and slide left and right to adjust your aim. When you’re satisfied with the trajectory, lift your finger off the screen to shoot and hope for the best. You can rebound bubbles off the edges of your screen if you want to get fancy, and skill shots are totally possible thanks to the accurate controls. The graphics remain very much in line with all Angry Birds apps; they look good, are of high quality, and certainly invite repeat play. The animation has some cool effects to render, with satisfying pops, chain reactions and energetic action. The sounds feature comical effects that are lively and funny, but can also grate on the nerves too.

Angry Birds Stella POP! app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality bubble shooter and delivers all the goods one expects from this hugely popular app franchise. This one is addictive and entertaining.



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