Friday, March 6, 2015

Agent Alice - App Review

Agent Alice app for Apple iOS and Android is one of the best hidden objects games I’ve ever played. This one features quality hidden objects play, nestled within a murder mystery plot. It also features some neat mini games and user driven plot points that change the trajectory of the story, based on the choices you make. If you’re a fan of the genre, then this one is not to be missed. (continued)

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gent Alice app presents in landscape mode to deliver a top quality hidden objects game. The story starts off in a local theater where a paranormal kidnapping has taken place, right in the middle of a sold out performance. It’s the mid 60’s, and Ms. Alice is considered one of the best gumshoes around, so she’s called in to help solve the case. Alice starts off by searching the stage, tapping found objects from a list. Find clues, process evidence and hone in on the mystery at hand. This one combines several elements to elevate the play to a whole other level. There’s written dialog with multiple choice responses you make that drive the plot forward in different directions, so no two games play exactly alike. To keep things interesting, the game also presents some mini games that drive the plot forward and keep you on your toes. The play is lively, with lots of variance and intrigue.

The controls use a little bit of everything your gizmo has to offer to deliver the goods; all functioned well. The mini games were particularly entertaining and enjoyable. The graphics are of the utmost quality, delivering a comic book, graphic novel sorta visuals that are highly engaging in intriguing. The animation taps a little bit of everything to deliver some entertaining visuals that are an integral part of the story. There’s a lot to see and enjoy here, with a quality plot to match. The sounds feature dramatic music and effects that add to the enjoyment of play.

Agent Alice app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality game, through and through. Easily one of the all-time best hidden object games thus far and sure to entertain, clear through to the end.  



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