Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AdVenture Capitalist - App Review

AdVenture Capitalist! app for Apple iOS and Android is an outstandingly fun game about buying businesses and turning huge profits. Think Monopoly on steroids, except lively and energetic. This one is good clean fun for budding entrepreneurs of all ages. (continued)

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AdVenture Capitalist! presents in portrait and landscape mode, though I suggest you stick with landscape, as it offers the most enjoyable views. As the story goes, you are presented with a bullet list of available businesses to own and operate. You start off as a fledgling business owner, whose lemon stand has earned enough profits for you to invest it in another business; so you decide to buy a newspaper, which turns out the daily edition to many a satisfied customer. How, pray tell, did you earn all this virtual cash selling just lemons? Simple, my dear Watson: each business has a money meter that fills up from left to right, and all you gotta do is tap it to collect the dough and start the meter counting all over again. Just keep going like that, tapping the screen to collect cash and restart your counting money meter. When you earn enough cash, you can hire managers for each business to push that button for you, thereby maximizing profits and leaving you free to frequent the posh country club with your newly purchased jewels and furs.

There’s an array of businesses to save up for and buy, including, a car wash, a doughnut shop, a pizza delivery business, shrimp boat, hockey team, movie studio, bank, and the crown jewel, an oil company.  Naturally, each successive business costs more and more virtual cash to buy, so save up all them profits and grow your empire, step by step. It actually doesn’t take too long to earn loads of virtual cash. My empire is currently worth over 30 trillion bucks; yup, that’s trillion with a T.  *sigh* If only it were real.

The controls use screen taps to make basic menu selections and engage the magic cash payout button, so nothing complicated there. The graphics remind me a lot of Monopoly, with a very similar old timey sorta look and feel to them. Somehow, this game manages to make a basic bullet list look vivid and energetic, inviting you to keep playing. The animation is minimal but effective and highly addictive. One can’t help but be mesmerized by all the stacks of virtual cash flowing in, and watching those money meters fill up and payout stacks of cash is hugely satisfying. The sounds add some lively music and effects that suit the game nicely and upped the enjoyment factor.

AdVenture Capitalist! app for Apple iOS and Android is loads of fun. Nope, it doesn’t do much, but it is hugely addictive and speaks to that inner mogul in all of us that wants to earn loads of cash and live the good life.



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