Friday, March 20, 2015

8bit Doves - App Review

8bit Doves app for Apple iOS and Android is a narcoleptic dreamscape sorta maze, starring a sleepy dude and doves that like to follow him on his nocturnal, floaty journeys. Fly through a goofy, nonsensical dreamscape maze to go as far as you can and best your last score. This one is actually playable, which is a rarity in the replay genre.  (continued)

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 8bit Doves app for Apple iOS and Android presents in landscape mode to deliver a game that pays homage to retro pixel gaming. As the story goes, there's a narcoleptic guy, all snuggly and comfy cozy in bed, when suddenly, he starts dreaming of flying. Your objective, is to traverse this nonsensical dreamscape maze and try to make all the doves follow you in a growing trail as you bob and weave through this airborne pixel maze. Try to go for distance and best your last score without going boom. Disclaimer: you will go boom often.

The controls use left and right circular arrows to make your sleepy narcoleptic fly left or right. The tricky part is, the using both in tandem to successfully zigzag your flightpath through all the obstacles and make it to the finish line without being bonked and waking up, which naturally, sends you toppling back to reality. The graphics feature sepia tone sorta visuals that feel very retro and authentic. Yup, there's pixels galore here, but truth be told, the developers were smart to create a suggestion of 8bit pixels, while lending just enough refinement to keep things looking good. The animation is clean and renders well, with some decent action and intrigue that holds interest.  The sounds are of the MIDI variety and perhaps more retro than the visuals themselves, but they suited the game nicely.

8bit Doves app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality replay game to be sure, but its entertainment value will be directly relative to your current state of boredom. Still, so far as mindless replay games go, this is one of the better ones out there.



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