Thursday, March 19, 2015

2020: My Country - App Review

2020: My Country app for Apple iOS and Android aims to deliver some comical hilarity to your sim play. Build and evolve a futuristic civilization, participate in some goofy transactions and contend with a few natural disasters just to keep things interesting. This one breathes new life into a tired genre. (continued)

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2020: My Country presents in landscape mode to deliver a comical sim game of build this, evolve that, pay for play or exercise patience and prudence and wait for things to evolve in their own time. That part is fairly cookie cutter and static, however, the innovation come sin the plot and presentation. This one has you developing a budding futuristic city that would make George Jetson's jaw drop in awe. There's cool hovercraft, cool buildings and even a downed UFO, just to keep things interesting. Think Sim City on steroids. I was especially fond of the natural disasters that are sure to make one moan in agony as all their hard work is lost to virtual Mother Nature; but fret not and count your blessings, because this is the best way to experience her wrath. (continued)

The controls use screen taps, swipes and slides to deliver the goods, and all functioned as it should. The graphics are outstandingly fun to look at, with cool structures, cars and landscapes that truly breathe new life into this overdone and tired concept. The animation has a lot of cool stuff to render here; watching new buildings come to life was entertaining enough to deter paying for instant completion. This is one of those games that's as fun to look at as it is to play. The sounds are fully realized and round out the play nicely.

2020: My Country app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality sim game with some actual new and novel ideas, which is a rarity for this genre. This one is not to be missed and sure to entertain.



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