Sunday, March 22, 2015

1+2=3 - App Review

1+2=3 app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple replay game about solving 1st grade math problems. Solve as many problems as you can within a set time limit. This one will embarrass you with how terrible you are at 1st grade math. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

1+2=3 presents in landscape mode to deliver a simple but maddening replay game. As the story goes, we’re all pretty awesome at adding 1+1 when there’s no time crunch pressing down on us, however, the addition of urgency and imperative turns pretty much all of us into blithering idiots. Or at least that’s what this game is counting on. You are presented with a series of very easy math problems, like, 1+3-2=? And then below that, you are given 3 possible answers. Just select the correct answer within a couple seconds or less, or it’s game over. Answer as many lightning round math problems as you can before that clock runs out, then cringe over your stupidity under pressure and see how few you answered correctly. Try to beat your last score or challenge friends to do better. This one is maddening but fun, and worth a couple laughs too.
The controls use a lone screen tap to make the magic happen, and sadly, all functioned well, so you can’t blame that for your shoddy performance. The graphics are very simple, featuring colored text on a white background. The animation doesn’t have much to render, just numbers and possible answers, though there is that mischievously giggling dog who likes to laugh at how stupid you are. The sounds are minimal and offer a good compliment to a game like this.

1+2=3 app is maddening but fun. It’s a good time waster for those occasional moments, or a decent party game while getting sloshed with friends.



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