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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TouchTone™ - App Review

TouchTone app for Apple iOS aims to make everyone a secret spy for the NSA. Listen in on faux telephone calls, determine possible threats, and invade everyone's privacy for the greater good. This one combines topical themes with an intriguing puzzler to deliver a unique game that's as entertaining as it is unnerving. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

TouchTone app presents in portrait mode to reveal an unusual puzzle game that's all about tapping phone calls, listening in for any suspicious behavior and determining which conversations are possible threats, and which ones are just mind-numbingly boring. The puzzle portion of the play, features a grid of squares that fill up most of your screen. Traversing through the grid, are differently colored squiggly sound waves, which are meant to represent the phone calls you're tapping. Your objective, is to move different reflectors through the grid so as to bounce those sound waves and get them to hit their corresponding connection points at the sides of your screen. To do that, just slide and move each reflector so as to bend and rebound the colored sound waves. The tricky part, naturally, is figuring out where to place each reflector so as to bend and rebound multiple sound waves, and get each one to land on its corresponding connection point.

Each puzzle is meant to represent a telephone call that you're tapping, and after successfully completing all puzzles for each level, you will be presented with text transcripts of the calls you were allegedly tapping. Read the text, determine if these are encoded terrorist messages, or threats of any kind, and then presumably save the day, thanks to your invasion of privacy. Naturally, this game is mimicking real world events, and personally, I was never surprised that any of that stuff was going on to begin with. I'm the guy who places smiley stickers on all his gizmo’s front facing cameras, because I know that manufacturers, and probably the NSA, are all tapping those cams and peeking in on what we're doing at any given moment. Read the fine print to your user agreements, and I bet you'll find verbiage aimed at obfuscating what's really going on.  Cell phone companies have said as much in their user agreements for years now, so what's the big shock? But I digress...

The controls use screen taps and slides to deliver the goods, and I just bet tapping a real call isn't half as tricky as this game is to play. The graphics and animation are rather simple, but do manage to deliver some entertaining visuals and animated vignettes that successfully liven up this otherwise heady game. The sounds feature some cool effects that suited the play perfectly.

TouchTone app for Apple iOS is an intriguing puzzle game that's sure to entertain and keep you engaged. This one is innovative and challenging and earns top marks for originality.   Perhaps Edward Snowden is playing this one somewhere Moscow right now and wondering where his life went so horribly wrong.


Patchmania - A Puzzle About Bunny Revenge! - App Review

Patchmania app for Apple iOS and Android is so cute it probably causes cavities. Help a hoppy bunny and his pals raid the farmer’s vegetable crops and munch all the yummy goodness until their cute little bellies are full. This one is sure to entertain puzzle fans to no end, along with anyone who appreciates cute and fluffy animals, and if that ain’t you, then I humbly suggest you loosen up and little, cuz there just might be something wrong with you.  (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Patchmania presents in portrait mode to reveal an outdoorsy sorta puzzle game that takes place in a lush garden. Your objective, is to figure out how to make the little bunny hop from one carrot to the next, munching cutely as he goes, and get him to eat up all the yummy goodies before safely leaping into his bunny hole. The play is deceptively simple in look, but will certainly tweak your noodle.  The tricky part, is getting the bunny to much all the carrots without ever crossing his own path or retracing his hops. To do that, just draw a line from the bunny, through all the carrots, coming to a stop at the bunny hole. And you can’t miss a single carrot, lest this cutie little bunny make a sad face that’s sure to tug the heartstrings of even the coldest gamers.

The controls use a lone digit to deliver the goods; just slide and draw your lines then tap the screen to see of you got it right. The graphics are about as cuddly as a soft ‘n’ squishy plush toy, with vibrant colors that draw you into the play. The animation is rather simple, but oh so cute and adorable. There isn’t much to render here, but somehow, the game manages to feel lively and energetic just the same.  The sounds feature lighthearted tunes that inspire happy thoughts and warm fuzzies in the pit of your belly, if not for that pesky ol’ farmer who wants none of this fluffy goodness.

Patchmania is as fun to play as it is cute to watch. This one is ideal for puzzle fans of all ages and sure to entertain clear through to the end. The play ups the ante as you go along with added fluffy friends, each with their favorite crunchy-munchy food to enjoy, fresh off the farmer's lush garden. Enjoy!


Stormblades - App Review

Stormblades app for Apple iOS and Android goes straight for the jugular and doesn’t let go. Slash and dash your way through this Mayan looking jungle to face off, mano a mano, against an array of mythic beasts and bowel loosening enemies. This one is addictive, immersive, loads of fun, and if you’re not careful, you might just wet yourself a little. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Stormblades app presents in landscape mode to reveal a lush, jungle locale.  It’s a beautiful day for a stroll, if not for the fact that there’s an array of hulking monstrosities bent on crossing your path. Good news is, you’ve got your trusty sword with you and it’s thirsty for blood. No, Mommy and Daddy, there’s no blatantly gratuitous bloodshed, rather, this one smartly decides to transform all signs of violence into bright flashes and pops of color, plasma bursts and neon glowing goodness. The payoff, is some vibrantly beautiful visuals nestled within an otherwise blatantly violent slash and dash game.  Your objective, is to square off, blade to blade, against an array of mythic opponents who tower above you like ‘roided out mountains of flesh. Good news is, that gives you all the bigger target to aim for, provided you don’t lose your bowels first.  Just go at it, toes to toe, and defeat all the enemies, one by one, until there’s none left and you’re hailed as the mightiest of them all.

The controls use an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ sorta mentality to deliver the goods, and all functioned well. This is one of those games where beating the ever living crap outta your retina display translates to action packed play. The graphics go for broke here, delivering pristinely beautiful locales that are dripping with juicy details and oozing saturation. The animation has a lot of sizzle and flash to render here, and at times, struggles to keep up when the screen fills with bursts of action. The sounds feature just the right amount of testosterone and aggression to round out the play.

Stormblades app for Apple iOS and Android is perhaps a tad simplistic and one dimensional with the plot, however, the visuals are brimming with juicy goodness to admire and enjoy, so who cares if the story is a little thin. This one is loads of fun and an anger management addict’s dream. Have fun, burn some aggression and take time out to enjoy the visual splendor while doing it. 


Mr. Jump - App Review

Mr Jump app for Apple iOS is a simple minded replay game that’s all about jumping with leaps and bounds; bet you didn’t see that coming. Run a side scrolling retro maze, leap precipices, avoid jaggies that make you go ouch, learn from trial and error, and hit that replay button faster than a junkie jonesing for a fix. This one is addictive and fun, until it isn’t. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Mr Jump app presents in landscape mode to reveal a neo-retro looking platformer sorta environment. Your mission, is to traverse this side scrolling terrain and make it as far as you can before going splat. Disclaimer: You will go splat often, so keep your finger at the ready on that replay button. The play is deceptively addictive, and smartly included a percentage readout denoting how far you made it before biting the big one, which successfully adds imperative and Pavlov mechanics to your replay. There’s precipices to leap, obstacles to avoid and a monkey on your back sorta addiction that just won’t let go, that is, until boredom sets in. I was all gung ho on this one, until I reached my saturation point and lost my taste for it entirely; thus is the dilemma plaguing many a replay game.

The controls use two lone digits to deliver the goods, and all functioned well, so there’s no blaming that when you suck at this game. The graphics go for a neo-retro pixel presentation that’s pleasing to the eye, colorful and deceptively inviting. The animation is smooth and clean throughout, granted, it doesn’t have a whole lotta flash and pop to render either. The sounds are entertaining for a little while, but the MIDI inspired riffs soon grate on the nerves and inspire use of that glorious mute button.

Mr Jump is genuinely entertaining and addictive… just not for very long. I thoroughly enjoyed this app, for a little while at least. This one is destined to be a one hit wonder; played today, forgotten tomorrow. 


Mayday! Deep Space - App Review

Mayday! Deep Space app for Apple iOS is an inventive strategy game that places you in a rescue situation on a futuristic two way radio sorta gizmo. Help a trapped astronaut escape whatever evil lurks on his spooked space station. This one requires strategy, patience and some imagination to conquer. (continued)
 Paid - Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Mayday! Deep Space presents in portrait mode to create the illusion that your cell phone is actually a futuristic sorta two way radio, motion radar thingamajig. You possess one radio, and a stranded astronaut is clutching the other, and you’re his only lifeline. You see, as the story goes, something or someone, is lurking about the space station, and your mission, is to help that little blip on your radar make it to safety. To do that, you’ll have to look sharp and listen even sharper. This game uses imagination to capture the fun as much as inventive visuals and an intriguing premise. Just listen for clues, then give your comrade commands that help him move safely through the environment; avoid the evil blips and get that lone good blip outta there, pronto. Get him to safety to win the game, or lay awake at night wondering what gruesome fate actually vanquished that little green dot on your radar screen.
The controls use screen taps to deliver commands and feature ticker tape sorta digital readouts along the bottom portion of your screen. The graphics are truly inventive, feeling like a retro tricorder from the old Star Trek series, but clearly futuristic and modern too. The animation is minimal, just those little green dots moving about your radar screen. The illusion of the handheld gizmo effect was cool, as were the illusions of imperative and urgency. The sounds are as integral here as the controls, so nicely done in that department.

Mayday! Deep Space app for Apple iOS is a quality strategy game with solid intrigue and genuinely entertaining play. This one is unique and deserves a look.                                                       


Monday, March 30, 2015

NBA Rush - App Review

NBA Rush app for Apple iOS is a silly Temple Run clone, starring your favorite NBA heroes as brave alien hunters. Outrun little green men hot on your tail and try to slam dunk the UFOs before you’re captured. This is one of the more comical apocalyptic runners I’ve seen and has lots of potential, if only the animation weren’t so slow and plodding.  (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

NBA Rush presents in portrait mode to reveal a tried and true runner game. In this one, it appears earth has been overrun with UFOs and little green men. The roadways of this once budding metropolis are now littered with flaming vehicles, stalled busses and an array of obstacles to leap, dodge and slide under. The play is fairly standard, but the plot and visuals are where the originality comes in with this one. The best part of this one, is watching the basketball players dribble that dang ball no matter what these meanie aliens toss at them. Dribble as you slide, dribble between your legs just to show off, and yup, slam dunk some UFOs just for good measure. The play is innovative with all that it throws at you and the goofy premise certainly kept me interested and entertained.

The controls use swipes and slides typical to a game like this; swipe left and right to dodge obstacles, and swipe up or down to jump or slide. The graphics aim for Saturday morning cartoon territory and are hugely entertaining. There’s lots of goofy stuff to look at and enjoy. The animation is the game’s weakest element. Yup, it does have some cool visuals and decent renders, however, the game as a whole feels rather slow and plodding. This one simply did nothing to quench my need for speed and felt more like lollygagging through the park. The sounds are lively and energetic without stealing focus or grating on the nerves.

NBA Rush app for Apple iOS isn’t perfect, but the play is rather innovative for a retread, and there’s some genuine entertainment value here. All they gotta do is feed these cartoonish NBA players some go-go juice and suddenly we’ll have an action game worth playing.


Stan Lee's Hero Command - App Review

Stan Lee's Hero Command app for Apple iOS is a super cool combat game featuring an array of worthy heroes, pitted against an oddity of mythic beasts and big boss baddies to conquer. This one stiff needs a little work, but is sure to entertain diehard nerds to no end. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Stan Lee's Hero Command app presents in landscape mode to reveal a futuristic and industrial looking lair, populated with a host of angry minions out to get you. Your mission, is to squash and pummel your numerous enemies while making your way through their hideout. Each round ends with a mythic big boss fight, pitting you, mano a mano against an array of menacing enemies to conquer. The action is seen from an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. There’s lots of different missions to complete, as depicted on an interactive map. Naturally, there’s also oodles of upgrades and enhancements to be made, all of which can cost you a decent wad of real cash.

The controls use a virtual joystick on the lower left, with an array of attack buttons on the lower right. Using the two in tandem was a little tricky at first, but practice definitely makes perfect with this one. The graphics feature Stan Lee’s cartoonish avatar hosting the game, and an array of misfit heroes to select and fight with. It all comes off like a Saturday morning cartoon. The animation is a little choppy at times, but does have a lot of cool explosions and plasma bursts to render, which helped make things exciting. The sounds are rich with details and certainly round out the play nicely.

Stan Lee's Hero Command app for Apple iOS is sure to be a hit with diehard comic book fans, thanks to the mythic lore and Stan Lee’s avatar hosting the play. This one is really fun but I still feel like it’s in need of some performance enhancements.


Give It Up! - App Review

Give It Up! app for Apple iOS and Android is a super fun replay game that’ll drive you bonkers while putting a smile on your face. Help a cute little black blobby thing bounce and bound from one target space to the next, all while avoiding jaggies that make you go splat. This one entertains best in short burst reserved for masochistic moods. Play it of you dare. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Give It Up! presents in landscape mode to deliver a simple yet iconic replay game that’s lotsa fun to play, provided you dispense with frivolous notions of skill and successful play. As the story goes, you’re a little blobby thing that likes to go bouncy bouncy. Your mission, is to go bouncy bouncy on the safe spaces while avoiding spikes and pitfalls that make you go spat like a June bug on a windshield at 65 mph. To keep things interesting, there’s platforms that go up, and others that go down. I really loved the large numerical percentage readout that tallies your progress through the course; it’s an inventive way to let you know how well you’re doing and offers benchmarks to conquer on repeat plays. There’s lots of levels to challenge you, so this one will keep you busy a good while.
The controls use a lone screen tap to deliver the goods, and the mechanics follow the beat of the comical music being played. If you follow along, you’ll fall into the rhythm of things and do quite well. But the instant you stop feelin’ it, you’ll mess up pronto. So the audio is an integral part of the game here, and also features some funny squeaky sounds too. The graphics are comical and lighthearted which adds to the enjoyment factor. The colors are sparse, but bleeds with pops of color and saturation when it matters most.

Give It Up! app for Apple iOS and Android is highly addictive and the type of game that just might leave you jittering like an addict, pounding that replay button for another fix; and I mean that in the best possible of ways. This one is as much fun to look at as it is to play and is highly artistic in its minimalist approach.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fax Burner - Send & Receive Faxes - App Review

Fax Burner - Send & Receive Faxes for Apple iOS aims to relive the glory days of sending and receiving faxes. Yes, there’s still some people clinging to this arcane and outdated technology, so it's good to have an app like this in your roster, just in case. This one functions well, and for the moment, is totally free.
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Fax Burner - Send & Receive Faxes presents in portrait mode to deliver a very bare bones and old school interface. Truth be told, this one looks about as cutting edge as the outdated technology it features. However, looks aren’t everything, and the fact of the matter is, this app works flawlessly. I recently had to fax some important documents to someone, only to realize that I no longer have any land lines, and as such, had no clue how I was going to fax these documents they wanted. I thought about going to a local copy center, but decided to check the App Store, just in case some brainiac had come up with a way for me to fax from my cell phone. Enter Fax Burner.
To make the magic happen, all you need do is create an account, then photograph your documents, enter the destination phone number, add a brief cover page, and voila, retro faxing is alive and kicking, right off your cell phone. The process was literally that fast and easy, and all told, it wasn’t even 10 minutes from app download to successful fax transmission. Isn’t it nice when things actually work as advertised?

The app generates a temporary fax number for you each time you want to send or receive faxes. The numbers are good for 24 hours, with an annual subscription fee required if you want to keep the number. You’ll get email notifications confirming your faxes are sent, and free accounts can send and receive up to 25 pages a month, which is more than most of us will need.

Fax Burner is just that simple and easy. No kidding. I think the interface could use a modern update, but the functionality is solid and saved me a tedious trip to the copy store.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pursuit of Light - App Review

Pursuit of Light app for Apple iOS is a puzzle game that plays out a bit like a lullaby. Guide your sleepy time avatar through a pathway of crescent moons and stars to make it to the exit space. This one just might lull you to sleep and is a quality game that puzzle fans are sure to enjoy. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Pursuit of Light presents in landscape mode to deliver a puzzle game of intrigue and inspiration. As the story goes, your little bunny eared avatar is stuck in a dimly lit dreamscape with glowing hues, and he needs your help to find the way out of this dream. But fret not, this is no nightmare, it’s just the usual collection of oddities one finds in any thriving dreamscape. Your objective, is to correctly traverse a path of crescent moons and stars to make it to the exit space, where you’ll be bathed in glowing light and gentle hues. To accomplish that, all you need do is tap the correct button that matches the next space on your path that you’d like to occupy; either the crescent moon or the star buttons. But look sharp, because you only have a limited amount of time to ponder your next move before the platform you’re standing on disappears. No, this is not a game of angst and speed; you actually have plenty of time to stand on each platform, however, as the puzzles get more complex, you’ll feel the imperative to move beckoning you forward. There’s shooting arrows, jaggies and perilous drops to leap over. The real trick though, is not getting so lulled by the presentation, that you screw up and hit the wrong button, which ends the game.
The controls use two lone buttons to make the magic happen; and all functioned nicely. The crescent moon and star buttons are placed on the lower left and right sides of your screen, and I was amazed at just how difficult pressing the right one could be. The play is so mesmeric, I often found myself hitting the wrong button, just because I was lulled into a trance induced state. The graphics certainly added to the dreamlike quality this game possesses, presenting glowing hues of yellow and orange that hypnotize you with deceptive simplicity. The animation is also quite simple, rendering your hopping avatar nicely, along with some interesting action triggers. The sounds offer the perfect complement to a game like this; very quiet and alluring, and definitely coaxing your eyes to slowly close, causing you to just drift off amid play. This one just might help you sleep at night and is certainly a better choice than most bedtime activities.

Pursuit of Light app for Apple iOS is truly a rarity in the app world. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this one and will certainly continue clear through to the end. This is a quality game, through and through, and suitable for all dream travelers, regardless of age or skill level. Sweet dreams.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fat Princess - App Review

Fat Princess app for Apple iOS and Android is a goofy match 3 RPG starring a fat princess who loves her cake. Make matches of 3 or more to launch attacks against medieval style enemies. This one has some arguably offensive elements but remains fun to play.  (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Fat Princess app presents in portrait mode to reveal a typical match 3 gaming environment, populated with gemstones and attack icons. Above that, is a battleground pitting your heroes against an array of enemy warriors and knights. The story takes place in a medieval style castle, making use of turn by turn mechanics. It's you against computer opponents, and your mission is to make matches of 3 or more to launch attacks against enemies above. You're actually helping this fat princess protect her castle from being overrun by these hapless goons. There's an array of different attack gems to match and use, along with bombs and muskets that have no place in the era allegedly being presented here, but it's best not to ask too many questions when playing games like this. The real kicker power-up you're looking for is the piece of cake, which this princess can't seem to get enough of, and apparently it makes her ravenously lethal when she eats a slice. And believe you me, you don't want to cross this princess once she's eaten her cake. Just down a slice and watch her thunderous, earth shattering attack make short work out of everyone onscreen.

The controls use screen swipes and slides to make your matches. Matches can be made on the horizontal and vertical, but not diagonally. The graphics feature cartoonish little munchkin sorta warriors, with decent details and colorful imagery to enjoy. The animation is smooth with some nice flash and pop to render, especially when you score combination attacks. The sounds are a tad annoying, with monotonously tedious music that preys on the nerves. However, there's some goofy sounds too that are worth a chuckle.  The app features an interactive story to read through while you play, which rounded out the entertainment value nicely.

Fat Princess app for Apple iOS and Android is a goofy match 3 game that adds just enough unique elements to make it worthwhile. RPG and match 3 fans will find this one entertaining and engaging.


Blek - App Review

Blek app for Apple iOS and Android is a maddening puzzle game that relies heavily on trial and error. Clear the screen of all the colored circles while trying to avoid all the black ones. This one has excellent physics and unusual game controls that’ll keep you guessing. Just try not to rip all the hair outta your head while you’re at it. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Blek presents in landscape mode to deliver a gaming environment comprised of differently colored circles. You’re trying to make all the colored circles disappear, while avoiding all the black circles. To do that, you’ll have to draw a squiggled line onscreen which then sets off on a trajectory of movement. Try to get the line to wiggle its way into all the colored circles, making them disappear on impact. However, if your line touches any of the black circles, it’s game over. The lines and circles very much seem like little blobs of ink, hence why the black lines disappear back into the black circles of ink. Things start off simple enough, but soon evolve into highly elaborate puzzles that rely heavily on trial and error. Just keep at it till you solve the puzzle, or go mad trying.
The controls are highly innovative and simple at the same time. You’re just drawing squiggles here, but the trick is figuring out the physics behind their movement, so you can control the squiggle’s trajectory and path of travel. All functioned well, but take some getting used to. The graphics are literally just a bunch of differently colored circles, so nothing cutting edge there. The animation is simple, rendering squiggly lines with quality physics. The sounds are sparse, placing focus squarely on the mission at hand.

Blek app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality puzzle game with a high replay value. This one is sure to entertain diehard puzzle fans, provided it doesn’t drive them nuts first. Play it if you dare.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Particle Mace - App Review

Particle Mace app for Apple iOS is an interesting retro throwback sorta game that reminds me a lot of the arcade classic, Asteroids. Fly your space craft through a debris field of blobs and jaggies and try to clear the screen before they make you go splat. This one is simple and addictive. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Particle Mace presents in portrait mode to deliver a space flying game. Your objective, is to fly your craft through a debris field, clearing it of all the blobs and jaggies without going splat. Trailing behind your craft are long flowing tentacles that you can use as a whip to make the blobs and jaggies burst and disappear. To do that, you’ll have to make hairpin turns that fling those tentacles at your targets. The tricky part is getting those tentacles to take out your desired target, yet still maintain control over your craft. The play is kinda akin to doing burnouts, skids and doughnuts in a parking lot with your parent’s car. Just keep driving that craft like a madman, flinging those tentacles and whipping them about to hit anything that moves, all without getting into a dumb accident that’ll cost you a few month’s allowance to cover the added insurance premiums.
The controls use a virtual d-pad below the playing field; just place your finger on it to move your craft. All functioned nicely and the game possesses quality physics with a nice illusion of gravity and movement. The graphics and animation are heavy on the pixels by design, but there’s still plenty of detail to enjoy. This one looks a lot like an arcade classic that I’d play for hours and pump roll after roll of quarters into. The sounds are sparse, offering minimal punctuation to the play.

Particle Mace app for Apple iOS is good fun in short bursts. The retro feel certainly takes me back. I found this one to be entertaining and enjoyable in short bursts, for those occasional moments when you have some time to kill.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star Wars™: Card Trader - App Review

Star Wars™: Card Trader app for Apple iOS is a cool trading cards app that features cards from both Star Wars trilogies. Collect and trade authentic cards with online fans and complete all of your digital collections. This one is cool but I question spending money on valueless digital cards you'll never actually possess. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Star Wars™: Card Trader app presents in portrait mode to reveal a basic user interface that doesn't possess many bells and whistles. The interface is rather forgettable, however, it rightly places focus on the real star of the show here, which is the trading cards themselves. Right off the top, the cool thing about this one, was seeing all the old bubblegum cards from Episode 4 that I collected as a kid. Yup, they were still called bubblegum cards back then, and you got a stick of mediocre gum to chew and enjoy while perusing your cards. Each pack also came with stickers, and I have yet to see any of those depicted here in digital form. However, the cards themselves are indeed high quality images of the front and back of the original trading cards themselves. 

So the activity to be enjoyed here, is collecting all cards required to complete your sets from Episodes 1 thru 6. You can buy new packs to open, and earn a few freebies along the way. I was particularly fond of the trade feature, which allows you to select which cards from your collection you're willing to forfeit, and note what cards you'd like in return. That listing is then posted for all users to see, so the social interaction and trading aspects of this app are pretty cool. There's loads of high quality pictures to look at here, along with special rare cards to discover and collect too.

In some ways, this seems like a frivolous activity, given that you won't actually possess any of these super cool cards. However, the upside is, you won't add any clutter to your life and you'll always know where your cards are neatly stored, ready for you to browse any time you're ready. 

The app itself functions well and I encountered no serious lags or issues. This is a clean and simple presentation, and is clearly the future of card trading. Naturally, this will never replace the joy and satisfaction earned by collecting these actual rarities in hand, however, this is a good way to keep tabs on what cards are out there, and make a visual list of what you may want to purchase and own for real, while maintaining a neat and tidy digital collection.

Star Wars™: Card Trader app for Apple iOS has a limited audience, but it remains very cool. I really enjoyed seeing all those retro cards I used to own and it kinda made me wish I never sold them on eBay. 


Zenith - Space Adventure - App Review

Zenith - Space Adventure app for Apple iOS is a retro looking interstellar space adventure that’s all about momentum and skill. Fly your pixel spaceship through a vertically moving arrangement of celestial bodies, trying to fly into the featured planet while you avoid crashing into all others. Yup, good luck with that one. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Zenith - Space Adventure app presents in portrait mode to reveal a very pleasing outer space environment, Right off the top, this one grabbed my attention and drew me into the play. The problem is, this one is deceptively simple in look and exceedingly difficult to play. As the story goes, you are presented with a solar system to explore, and your mission, is to use certain planets for orbital momentum, and try and fly into the featured planet to win the round. Typically, the planets with rings around them are meant to be orbited, and use the accumulated momentum to gain speed and trajectory that sets you on a course for your target planet. The play is highly challenging and you’ll go boom more often than not.

The controls use two lone digits to make the magic happen; tap the right side of the screen to slow your craft, and tap the right to throttle your speed. Using both in tandem is where the real challenge lies, and there’s a stiff learning curve here, to be sure. The graphics are vibrant and inviting, featuring different colored planets and a pleasing, deep blue space environment with twinkly stars. The animation is rather simplistic, but effective. The illusion of physics and gravity were quite good and suited the game well. The sounds feature annoying music that doesn’t seem to fit the play and inspired use of my mute button.

Zenith - Space Adventure is a cool game that feels very retro. Sure, there’s a few quibbles with the sound and challenging controls, but none of that detracted from the solidly entertaining play. This one is really challenging though, so consider yourself warned.


Wipeout 2 - App Review

Wipeout 2 app for Apple iOS and Android is a silly, side scrolling obstacle course that’s all about the wipeouts. Yup, this is the official app for the TV show bearing the same name. This one is fun and easily the best iteration of the game I’ve seen on any platform.  (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Wipeout 2 app presents in landscape mode to reveal a tried and true obstacle course, inspired by the likes seen on the popular summertime TV show. Your mission, is to traverse this goofy course and make it to the finish with a qualifying time to advance to the next round. Your opponent’s shadow can be seen running the course with you, so you always have a visual clue as to where you stand in the scheme of things. The play itself follows the same format as the TV show, with a qualifier, semi-finals and the main event in the Wipeout Zone. Successfully complete all rounds with the best time to win the episode. There’s plenty of episodes to be played here, and yes, they feature obstacles from the show, and yup, that includes the ever popular big balls too. 

The controls are a tad wonky by default, but the good news is, they can be tweaked in the setting page. There’s an invisible d-pad on the lower left for lateral movement, with another on the lower right used for jumps and dives. The controls on the lower right are problematic, and I suggest replacing them with virtual buttons, which just worked better. The graphics go for cartoonish realism, mimicking the shows look and feel nicely. The animation feels a little slow, but the wipeouts are comical and I loved the slow motion instant replay. The sounds feature the show’s theme song, along with basic effects to round out the fun.

Wipeout 2 app for Apple iOS and Android is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves gaming and is a fan of the show. Good fun and certainly worth a few chuckles.


Stair: Slide the Blocks to Ascend - App Review

Stair: Slide the Blocks to Ascend app for Apple iOS is an addictive replay game with a single minded focus: help your little avatar climb as high as he can go, without going splat. BTW… you will go splat often. This one is highly addictive and loads of fun in shorts bursts. (continued)
Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Stair: Slide the Blocks to Ascend presents in portrait mode to reveal a stark white background, populated with a whole bunch of colorful horizontal and vertical sliding platforms. Your mission, is to help a little avatar guy climb as high as he can go. The guy is pretty relentless with the climbing, and just keeps going and going, not waiting even a nanosecond for you to be ready, or plan a pathway of movement. You just gotta act fast, sliding and moving those differently colored platforms to make way for your avatar, and give him safe places to land. Some of the platforms have jaggies on them, so you’d better help your avatar avoid those. And as you ascend, things get trickier and trickier, so look sharp and keep on your toes, cuz that little avatar ain’t slowing his stride one bit to wait for your slow and sorry ass.
The controls are exceedingly simple and effective, so you can’t blame that when you suck at this game. Just slide and swipe to move your platforms into position, and hope your avatar sticks the landing. The graphics are sparse and iconic, featuring that lone jumper in silhouette, and a bunch of differently colored moving platforms. The look is inviting and encourages play. The animation is clean, with no stutters or hangs, possessing an outstanding illusion of physics and movement. The sliding platforms felt like they had weight, yet moved smoothly. The sounds offer minimal punctuation, placing focus squarely on the play.

Stair: Slide the Blocks to Ascend app for Apple iOS takes strategy, patience and a little luck to master. This one is wholly immersive and it’s possible to go for real marathon runs here. The game is addictive, fun and certainly held my interest.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Disco Panda - App Review

Disco Panda app for Apple iOS is a goofy match 3 style game that really has nothing to do with the matches, and is all about the disco dancin' silliness. Make long strings of rapid-fire matches as quickly as possible to build up momentum and cause a disco dancing frenzy. This one is good for a laugh and I really loved its playful spirit. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Disco Panda presents in portrait mode to reveal what appears to be a typical match 3 game board. Above that, is an open meadow, with an afro wearing panda strutting his stuff and making John Travolta agog in awe. This little panda's got some slick moves, but he needs company, cuz it ain't no fun disco dancin’ and boogie'n the night away all by yourself. So to help this little panda out, all you gotta do is make long strings of matches, of three or more. Just keep firing them off as fast as you can, because with each successful match, another panda pokes his little afro head up from behind the crest of a hill. The more matches you make, the more little pandas appear.  Hit critical mass to make all them pandas jump onto the dance floor and strut their stuff. Did I mention this one is goofy fun?

The controls use a lone screen slide to deliver the disco fun and make your matches. Matches can be made on the horizontal, vertical and diagonal, and nope, there's no real power ups or anything to collect. It's really just all about making the goofy pandas dance. The graphics are a tad on the retro side, with neo-pixel graphics that are pleasing to the eye, colorful and cute. The animation is lively and goofy, but also choppy and slow too. The sounds feature Japanese game show style vocals that offer encouragement and add to the silliness. And naturally, there's disco music to tap your toe with.

Disco Panda app for Apple iOS is just good clean fun. This one will make you smile, even if it is a bit of a one trick pony.


Green the Planet - App Review

Green the Planet app for Apple iOS is a goofy replay game that's all about eco-friendly meteor rock harvesting. Blast flaming meteors orbiting this desolate planet and use the fallen debris as fertilizer to make this planet lush with flora.  This one is suitable for retro pixel fans of all ages. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Green the Planet app presents in portrait mode to depict a barren planet, populated with a flying saucer, a few aliens and their big, bad ass laser canon. Your mission, is to blow the crap outta all the passing meteors, collect the fallen debris, then use your trusty alien technology to magically transform the debris into an effective fertilizer that turns our barren little planet green. So, in effect, Al Gore has dipped a toe into the app world and come up with this concept, or maybe it's just an astute developer, either way, the game is fun.

To make the magic happen, just touch your finger on the meteor you want to blow up, and the laser canon fires at it automatically, and when the debris falls to the planet's surface, just swipe your finger across the debris, which then swirls with a cool glowing effect and processes into fertilizer that makes the planet a little bit greener. The prospect of greening this whole planet is a rather slow and tedious affair, however, you can upgrade your equipment to make things a bit more efficient.

The graphics go for retro with pixel inspired visuals, yet smartly retain some nice details to deliver a neo-retro pixel game that looks inviting. The animation is mostly smooth, but feels a tad on the slow side. On the plus side, the meteor explosions are satisfying and look great. The sounds are simple, sticking close to their retro MIDI roots.

Green the Planet app for Apple iOS is a silly little game that is entertaining for a little while at least. Not sure how well this will hold up over the long haul, but I bet most people will be curious enough to green at least one planet, just to see what happens next.


LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes - App Review

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes app for Apple iOS is a fun and immersive combat game, pitting Lego Batman against an array of bad guys and big bosses. Beat the crap outta all the meanies and watch animated sequences that drive the plot forward and set up the premise for the next combat environment. This one is loads of fun for kids of all ages. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes presents in landscape mode to deliver a fully evolved, hand to hand combat sorta game. But fret not, parents, because the violence in this one is innocuous, amounting to little more than imaginary toy battles in digital form, all without making a mess to pick up off the floor. As the story goes, Bruce Wayne has just received an important award, and the bad guys are none to happy about it, attacking the theater hosting the awards ceremony. So naturally, Mr. Wayne sneaks away, only to return as the caped crusader. Your mission, is to search the theater for bad guys to pummel and beat them senseless till they’re a pile of Lego bricks. The plot actually works through several locations, each set up by its own animated vignette. The end result, is an immersive game that plays out with an interactive plot. The watch and play format is highly engaging and entertaining.
The controls use an array of your gizmo’s touch capability to deliver the goods, and all functioned nicely. I was particularly fond of the double touch, which made Batman run, then spread his cape and fly a short distance; very cool. The graphics look like a natural extension of the Lego movie, with quality visuals and lots of nice details. It’s amazing how awesome a bunch of virtual toy bricks can look. The animation is smooth throughout, with lots of flash and pop to render. The sounds feature spoken word and also special effects punctuation that culminate to a quality score that rounds out the play nicely.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes app for Apple iOS is highly entertaining. The controls will take some practice, however, the payoff is a highly immersive game that’s sure to entertain for a long while. There’s a lot to see and do here, so this one is certainly worthwhile. Besides, it’s Batman and Lego, and if you don’t like playing with them toys, then you’re just a dork.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Card Crawl - App Review

Card Crawl app for Apple iOS is a fantasy card RPG, pitting your hand of four against the dealer’s. The app is presented as a two person card game, seated at a table in an old time, medieval pub. So suck back some ale, play some cards and try not to piss anyone off. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Card Crawl app presents in portrait mode to reveal a somewhat friendly, medieval game of cards between two players; you and the dealer. The dealer sits near the top of the screen, while both your and the dealer’s cards are dealt, face up, onto the table, which occupies the remainder of the screen.  Each player is dealt 4 cards, each represented by and icon denoting a left hand, a right hand, a backpack and your hero’s life card, which never changes nor is discarded, and must be protected at all costs. Your hero card starts off with a set number denoting your hero’s life meter. Your objective, is to deliver blows to the dealer’s attack cards, collect anything useful from his hand, like potions, coins and goodies like that. The game is won when all 52 cards in the deck are played, or it is lost when you lose all your health points and your hero card dies. The rules of the game are rather intricate, and I strongly suggest you watch the tutorial several times until you get the hang of it.

The controls use screen touches and slides to deliver the goods and all functioned as expected. The graphics feature nice imagery that’s rich with details and effectively sets the mood; this dealer is no one to mess with. The animation is minimal but does have some cool stuff to render. Each card played has some special razzle dazzle to deliver that keeps things interesting. And there’s some subtle comical touches of animation, here and there, so look sharp. The sounds are fully realized, delivering ambient pub noise, minimal music and some additional effects to round out the soundscape.

Card Crawl app for Apple iOS offers some original and fun RPG card play. There’s a serious learning curve here, but if you stick with it and learn the ropes, you’ll be rewarded with a wholly original and unique fantasy card game.


Stickman Roof Runner - App Review

Stickman Roof Runner app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple replay running game. Run your little stickman, leaping from rooftop to rooftop to go as far as you can without going splat. This one is surprisingly entertaining, given how simple it is. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Stickman Roof Runner app presents in landscape mode to reveal a simple runner game, starring a black little stickman. So, what is it about stickmen that makes them so entertaining? There’s a whole genre of stickman apps out there, and virtually all of them are exceedingly simple, yet utterly entertaining and fun too. As the story goes in this one, you are some sorta spy stickman, and you’re on the run from who knows what, in a big ol’ hurry to get who knows where. So you run like a bat outta hell, leaping from rooftop to rooftop with the greatest of ease, that is, until you misjudge and go splat, face first into the side of a building. Truth be told, we have no way of knowing if our little hero is running after something, or running away from someone; that’s just one of those little mysteries left unanswered by this entertaining game. There’s tall buildings, short buildings, inside walkways and steel girders to run atop, and if you run long enough, you may even see that rumbling jet roar by. The play is fast paced and frantically fun.
The controls use a lone screen tap to make that little stickman jump, and all functioned well, with quality physics and gravity to up the play. The graphics have a very 007, my name is Man, Stick Man, sorta feel to them that was intriguing and invites play. The animation is deceptively smooth and clean, successfully adding imperative and urgency, with a nice illusion of speed while running and leaping. The head smack effect was particularly fun to watch, even though frustrating to your play. The sounds offer a nice, espionage sorta mood that suited the play nicely.

Stickman Roof Runner app for Apple iOS and Android is as fun to look at as it is to play, even if you suck. This one will entertain gamers of all ages and skill levels. Good luck!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cinderella Free Fall - App Review

Cinderella Free Fall app for Apple iOS and Android is the next installment in Disney's match 3, freefall series of games. This one features enchanted match 3 play that's all about making long strings of matches that can twist and turn in all directions, triggering cool chain reactions and earning magical power ups. The play and presentation are top notch and there's lots here to entertain Cinderella fans of all ages. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Cinderella Free Fall app presents in portrait mode and plays well on both iPad and iPhone. Personally, I felt the iPad experience is the better option, where you can appreciate all the beautiful visuals on a larger screen. Typical to match 3 play, you are presented with game boards of different shapes that are essentially grids populated with differently colored gemstones.  Your objective, is to slide your finger and make long strings of matches; the longer the string, the greater the razzle-dazzle when you release your finger and all those gems disappear with a flash. Go for big chain reactions that look cool and earn the biggest bonuses. The play includes easy to follow instruction that explains all the intricacies. This one is enjoyable for puzzle fans of all ages. Just be aware that there's plenty of opportunity here to spend real money.

The controls use touches and slides to deliver the goods, and all functioned as expected. The graphics are vibrant and truly glisten, twinkling with magic fairy dust. The animation has some very enchanted special effects to render and the visuals don't disappoint; truly top caliber and, we all expect no less from the likes of Disney.  The music is a tad repetitious and could get tediously monotonous over repeat plays, however, it is all befitting of a princess and appropriately grand.

Cinderella Free Fall app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality game, through and through. The Cinderella theme lends itself well to this game genre and this is a worthy addition to the freefall lineup. There's a lot to like here, and it certainly entertains.


1+2=3 - App Review

1+2=3 app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple replay game about solving 1st grade math problems. Solve as many problems as you can within a set time limit. This one will embarrass you with how terrible you are at 1st grade math. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

1+2=3 presents in landscape mode to deliver a simple but maddening replay game. As the story goes, we’re all pretty awesome at adding 1+1 when there’s no time crunch pressing down on us, however, the addition of urgency and imperative turns pretty much all of us into blithering idiots. Or at least that’s what this game is counting on. You are presented with a series of very easy math problems, like, 1+3-2=? And then below that, you are given 3 possible answers. Just select the correct answer within a couple seconds or less, or it’s game over. Answer as many lightning round math problems as you can before that clock runs out, then cringe over your stupidity under pressure and see how few you answered correctly. Try to beat your last score or challenge friends to do better. This one is maddening but fun, and worth a couple laughs too.
The controls use a lone screen tap to make the magic happen, and sadly, all functioned well, so you can’t blame that for your shoddy performance. The graphics are very simple, featuring colored text on a white background. The animation doesn’t have much to render, just numbers and possible answers, though there is that mischievously giggling dog who likes to laugh at how stupid you are. The sounds are minimal and offer a good compliment to a game like this.

1+2=3 app is maddening but fun. It’s a good time waster for those occasional moments, or a decent party game while getting sloshed with friends.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flashout 2S - App Review

FLASHOUT 2S app for Apple iOS is an intensely cool and fast paced replay racing game that's highly addictive. Race the streets to futuristic renditions of the world’s most well-known cities. This one is highly addictive and loads of fun for racing fans of all ages and skill levels. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

FLASHOUT 2S presents in landscape mode from an aerial point of view, just behind your chic, ultra-modern looking hovercraft. You'll burn through futuristic caricature renditions of city streets from the likes of Seoul, Moscow, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The visuals are highly striking and super cool to look at. Just select the bad ass hovercraft you'd like to drive, hit the play button and let the g-forces hit you like a led weight compressing your chest. Well, ok, so this game doesn't simulate any actual g-forces, however, the illusion of speed is so spot on and effin' cool, that I couldda swore I felt the g's hitting me hard. This one has all the benefits of going fast, with none of the tickets, court time or strikes against your license. The game is highly addictive and I found myself jittering to hit that replay button so I could get my next fix, pronto.
The controls use pretty much everything your gizmo has to offer, presenting an array of alternate options to suit anyone's fancy. I recommend testing them all to find your personal fave; mine is the tilt function, since it drew me into the play and upped the intensity of speed and enjoyment. The graphics feature a lot of sizzle and pop, with vibrant colors, beautiful saturation and mesmeric glow effects. The animation certainly has a lot to render here, and this will tax your gizmo's resources to the max, however, the payoff is oh so worth it. The sounds feature some cool techno style music that’s actually enjoyable and adds to the overall fun.

FLASHOUT 2S is a balls to the wall racing game suitable for speed demons of all ages. This one goes straight for the jugular and doesn't let go. So hang on tight and have some fun. The next race launches in, 3... 2... 1...

Friday, March 20, 2015

8bit Doves - App Review

8bit Doves app for Apple iOS and Android is a narcoleptic dreamscape sorta maze, starring a sleepy dude and doves that like to follow him on his nocturnal, floaty journeys. Fly through a goofy, nonsensical dreamscape maze to go as far as you can and best your last score. This one is actually playable, which is a rarity in the replay genre.  (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

 8bit Doves app for Apple iOS and Android presents in landscape mode to deliver a game that pays homage to retro pixel gaming. As the story goes, there's a narcoleptic guy, all snuggly and comfy cozy in bed, when suddenly, he starts dreaming of flying. Your objective, is to traverse this nonsensical dreamscape maze and try to make all the doves follow you in a growing trail as you bob and weave through this airborne pixel maze. Try to go for distance and best your last score without going boom. Disclaimer: you will go boom often.

The controls use left and right circular arrows to make your sleepy narcoleptic fly left or right. The tricky part is, the using both in tandem to successfully zigzag your flightpath through all the obstacles and make it to the finish line without being bonked and waking up, which naturally, sends you toppling back to reality. The graphics feature sepia tone sorta visuals that feel very retro and authentic. Yup, there's pixels galore here, but truth be told, the developers were smart to create a suggestion of 8bit pixels, while lending just enough refinement to keep things looking good. The animation is clean and renders well, with some decent action and intrigue that holds interest.  The sounds are of the MIDI variety and perhaps more retro than the visuals themselves, but they suited the game nicely.

8bit Doves app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality replay game to be sure, but its entertainment value will be directly relative to your current state of boredom. Still, so far as mindless replay games go, this is one of the better ones out there.


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