Monday, February 9, 2015

Zoidtrip - App Review

Zoidtrip for Apple iOS and Android is a vertically moving replay game that aims to madden as much as it entertains. Guide a triangular smiley thingie through a series of horizontal checkpoints to go as far as you can without going splat. This one is charming and actually fun in short bursts.

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Zoidtrip presents in portrait mode to deliver a maddening and simplistic replay game. Your mission, is to guide a goofy looking triangle smiley downward through a series of random horizontal checkpoints. The tricky part is, your goofy triangle guy moves in a zigzag pattern and the single button controls leave little room for error. Just tap the screen at the precise moment to get Mr. Triangle to zig then zag at the appropriate moment. Timing is everything with this one, and you’ll be going splat often. The presentation is simple and deceptively charming. Don’t be fooled by the playful visuals, this goes straight for the jugular. You’ll be hitting the replay button often on this one, and truth be told, this app is a bit of a rarity in the replay gaming genre; it actually looks good and plays well – go figure!

The controls use that dreaded single screen tap to make the magic happen, and they functioned well, so there’s no blaming that when you suck at this game, dang it. The graphics deliver a quality pixel game look, with sparse details, charming visuals and alternating background hues, just to keep things interesting. The animation is playful and smooth, rendering annoying bursts nicely when you bite it. The sounds are deceptively inviting and playfully sweet, which delivers a nice one-two blow when the game sacks you in the nuts.

Zoidtrip is plenty fun, so far as replay games go. No, I don’t see anyone playing this for very long, nor is it all that memorable. But replay games are meant to be disposable by design, and this one will entertain until the next fun and forgettable game comes along.    



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