Thursday, February 5, 2015

Swinging Stupendo - App Review

Swinging Stupendo for Apple iOS and Android is a super fun, swinging with the greatest of ease, trapeze game starring a blundering circus aerialist. Swing from one line to the next, with the greatest of ease, and try not to get electrocuted in front of a captive audience. This one is fun is short bursts.
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Swinging Stupendo presents in landscape mode to deliver a colorful and playfully irreverent replay game. As it so happens, you are a bumbling circus performer who thinks far too much of himself, but karma is a bitch and payback can be oh so sweet. It’s a packed house under the big top, and you’re about to give the show of a lifetime, not to be tried at home, to be sure. Your mission, is to swing from one line to the next without touching the electrified Tesla coil looking thingies. Just swing as far as you can without going zap. Sounds easy, right? …Wrong! The question isn’t if, you’ll get electrocuted, but where and how many times. I challenge any guy not to feel phantom pains when Stupendo lands spread eagle, leading with his ‘nads, straight onto a coil that zaps his giblets into next week. Ouch! Just keep swinging, and singing in soprano, until you’ve had enough. This one has a high replay value and just makes me laugh.

The controls use a single screen tap to make Stupendo leap from one line to the next, and all functioned well. The graphics are highly evolved, looking like an irreverent Saturday morning cartoon. The animation is smooth and renders nicely, with some satisfying zaps and jolts.  The sounds are the perfect complement for a game like this.

Swinging Stupendo has a lot going for it. No, this is not exactly a memorable game that will stand the test of time, but it’s loads of fun in short bursts and good for a chuckle. Take note, developers, this is what quality replay gaming looks like.



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