Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spirits of Spring - App Review

Spirits of Spring for Apple iOS is a highly intriguing game of magic and wonderment, based on an old Native American fable. Explore nature and paint with the colors of spring to uncover the mystery and learn valuable lessons. This one is simply a pleasure to play and look at.

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Spirits of Spring presents in landscape mode to deliver a game with a message. This one is based on Native American folklore and takes place in northern hemispheres, where the winters are long and cold, with no end in sight. Your mission, is to help spring return to these majestic lands, and to do that, you must collect a colorful life force from the few remaining trees and plants that still exist. The more life force you gather, the stronger your abilities become, and you are the only one in these lands with the purest of hearts to wield this power. The colorful live force you’re gathering follows you in a trail, getting longer and longer as you collect it. Use this power to create plant bridges and traverse uncrossable spans. Imbue life into lifeless greenery. Take on the powers of spirit animals to run and explore a as a mighty brown bear. This one is as intriguing to play as it is enjoyable to look at.

The controls use screen taps and slides for movement and to trigger actions, and all functioned as expected. The graphics have some nice details to look at, depicting this nature landscape from an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. Truth be told, the visuals were a tad distant at times and lacked a sufficient zoom function. The animation is smooth throughout, with some colorful triggers to render. The undulating magical life force that follows you around is rather appealing. The sounds feature an appropriate score which ups the dramatics and entertainment value for sure.

Spirits of Spring is a beautifully haunting game that aims to educate as much as it entertains. This one has a special place in my heart and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It’s a quality game, through and through, and genuinely has something original to offer.   



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