Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spirefall - App Review

Spirefall for Apple iOS is a neon bright, circular runner game starring a black cat that's hungry for cans of tuna. Jump from platform to platform collecting cans of tuna while avoiding the jaggies and meanies. This one looks a bit like visual eye candy run amok and is sure to entertain replay gamers to no end.

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Spirefall presents in landscape mode to deliver a game that’s dripping with color and saturation. As the story goes, you’re a hungry black cat that likes to run round and round this vertical circular maze, leaping from one platform to the next, collecting cans of tuna while the neon disco lights flash to techno synth music. Naturally, there’s jaggies that make you go pop and meanies out to get you. In fact, this twisty turny maze is laden with perils and dangers. Some things make you go ga-boing and bounce really high, while others make you go splat. Just keep leaping and running to get to the end of the maze, or until you bite it; whichever comes first. I especially appreciated that when you do mess up and die, the game gives you the chance to restart from where you left off, which helps up the replay value.

The controls use two directional arrows on the lower left for lateral movement, and a lone jump button on the lower right; all functioned well. The graphics look like a neon kaleidoscope burst on my screen, with lots of flash and pop to admire. The animation is a tad slow but renders some nice visual triggers, with a cool splat animation when you mess up and bite it. The sounds are a bit grating on the nerves and feature a techno MIDI sorta score that’s cool at first, but quickly loses its luster.

Spirefall is an addictive replay game that’s as cool to look at as it is to play. This one is entertaining, to be sure. Just keep your finger ready on the mute button when that music starts grating on the ol’ nerves.

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