Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SpeakaZoo - App Review

SpeakaZoo from the iTunes App Store is a charming little children's app where kids can converse with their favorite zoo animals. Just say hello and see what these cute little critters have to say back to you. 
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SpeakaZoo is naturally a play on peek-a-boo, which really is just a play on words and has little to do with this charming and silly little game. As the story goes, you are the visitor at a virtual zoo, featuring an array of talkative animals with lots of goofy things to say. The app presents in portrait mode to deliver a kid friendly, simple interface, featuring a single button at the bottom of the screen. Truth be told, that button does virtually nothing and is just there for show, but the idea is, that you can press and hold it to speak to each of the animals directly.

There's a whole host of little cuties to speak with, including, tigers, porcupines, dolphins, monkeys and bears, just to name a few.  Just swipe the screen to switch between each animal. The graphics have a hand painted quality to them, with vibrant colors and nice details for the little ones to enjoy. The animation is minimal, focused solely on each animal’s mouth, with minimal expressions, but a comical delivery. The sounds just feature each animal’s spoken voice, and their commentary is good for a chuckle. Kids will love the illusion of interacting and speaking with each cute critter.

SpeakaZoo doesn't do much, but will certainly keep kids occupied while parents tend to chores or are out shopping. The play is funny and charming, to be sure.



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