Saturday, February 7, 2015

Smash Hit - App Review

Smash Hit for Apple iOS and Android is a futuristic sorta shooting marble game. Blast crystals with steel balls and make everything smash to bits, just because it's fun. This one has cool visuals and a high replay value.

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Smash Hit presents in landscape mode to deliver a simple but addictive game of shoot the steel balls and make stuff go smash. As the story goes, you are a disembodied gunner, floating through time and space. As you advance through this futuristic looking scene, populated with moving glass slabs, pyramid glass crystals and cool visual imagery, you decide it would be a good idea to smash the crap outta virtually anything smashable. Just tap the screen to unleash the thunder and launch steel balls into anything breakable. Pyramids earn extra balls, and you do have a limited supply, so accuracy counts. There’s obstacles to avoid and sliding hatches that you have to open, lest you go bonk and lose some of those precious balls; and last I checked, no one wants to lose the balls they got, so beware and look sharp. Things get pretty chaotic the more you go, with machine gun power ups that are loads of fun. Just go as far as you can until you ultimately run out of balls and it’s game over.

The controls use screen taps to launch those balls, and all functioned nicely. The graphics are very ethereal and chic, adding to the cool factor of this game.  The animation is excellent, with near pristine renders that’s as smooth as the glass you’re smashing.  The sounds offer minimal punctuation that’s pleasing and adds to the overall feel of this game. 

Smash Hit is simple and easy to play, but will certainly challenge your abilities.  This one has a strong replay value and screams quality, all the way around.



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